BLACKPINK’s Lisa faces Weibo account scrutiny for THIS reason

Credits: Lisa/Instagram

A cloud of uncertainty looms over the celebrated K-pop sensation Lisa of BLACKPINK as her Weibo account encounters a potential threat of being terminated. The predicament arises in the aftermath of the controversial events surrounding her performance at the renowned Crazy Horse Club, which ignited criticisms and potential consequences for the artist and those who attended the event.

The Weibo Account’s Mysterious Vanishing Act

On November 1, an unexpected revelation startled netizens and Lisa’s fanbase as they found themselves unable to access Lisa’s personal Weibo account. When attempting to visit her page, users were met with notifications from Weibo stating that the page had been rendered inaccessible due to reported violations of the platform’s regulations.

Crazy Horse Controversy Unravels

The catalyst for this unexpected turn of events can be traced back to prior reports concerning Lisa’s performance at a burlesque club. Her artistic expression and choice of performance stirred controversy, leading to harsh critiques and a cloud of potential repercussions for the Chinese celebrities who had graced the Crazy Horse event. Reports indicated that some of these celebrities might face the prospect of being blacklisted, further fueling the controversy.

A Remarkable Journey: Lisa’s Rise to Prominence

Lisa, known by her birth name Lalisa Manobal, has carved a niche as a global sensation and the sole Thai member of YG Entertainment’s iconic South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK. Her musical journey dates back to the group’s debut in 2016, and she has been consistently making waves in the industry ever since.

In a pivotal moment, on September 10, 2021, Lisa released her debut single album, “Lalisa.” Beyond her musical endeavors, she ventured into the fashion world by making her modeling debut at Celine’s Summer 2022 fashion show. Her appearance marked a historic moment as she became the first female K-pop idol to grace a major fashion event.

An Iconic Presence in Fashion

Lisa’s impact in the fashion realm didn’t stop there. In 2022, she made a notable appearance at Celine Menswear Spring Summer 2023, where she stood alongside distinguished figures like BTS’ V and Park Bo Gum. Her influence transcended musical boundaries, earning her the title of Best KPOP artist at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in August 2022.

Facing Challenges with Resilience

The ongoing controversy stemming from her performance at Crazy Horse, which has captivated the K-pop community, has placed Lisa’s Weibo account in jeopardy. Nevertheless, the unflinching support of her global fanbase remains a source of strength and reassurance. Lisa, an artist known for her unwavering talent and charisma, has confronted challenges in the past, emerging even more robust and resilient.

As the unfolding situation continues to evolve, Lisa’s dedicated supporters eagerly anticipate her next steps and are optimistic about her enduring success as a K-pop luminary and cultural icon.