BLACKPINK’s Lisa fuels dating rumors with Frederic Arnault

Credit: lalisa_indianlilies Instagram

Recent reports and sightings have reignited dating rumors surrounding BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Frederic Arnault. Speculations gained traction when Lisa was reportedly seen spending a week in Paris, particularly celebrating Frederic Arnault’s birthday on November 7th. The ongoing buzz suggests a potential romance between the K-pop star and the notable figure.

Romantic Getaway to Paris

Lisa’s alleged visit to Paris with Frederic Arnault has sparked fresh speculation about their relationship. The pair was reportedly spotted at a Celine store in France during the birthday celebration. Fueling the rumors further, Lisa is said to have taken a private plane to France, adding a touch of glamour to the rumored romantic getaway.

Long-Standing Dating Speculations

Dating rumors between Lisa and Frederic Arnault have been circulating since July, with various speculations and even rumors of a potential breakup. Despite the persistent speculation, YG Entertainment, Lisa’s agency, has not officially addressed or confirmed the relationship status. Public sightings and events involving the rumored couple continue to contribute to the ongoing buzz.

Frederic Arnault’s Background

Frederic Arnault, who is speculated to be Lisa’s boyfriend, holds a prominent position as the fourth son of Bernard Arnault, the CEO of the luxury watch brand Tag Heuer. Bernard Arnault is also recognized as the second richest person in the world, according to Forbes this year. The notable background of Lisa’s rumored beau adds an extra layer of intrigue to the dating rumors.

BLACKPINK’s Future Amidst Contract Speculations

Amidst dating speculations, BLACKPINK’s future activities have also been a subject of speculation. Reports suggest that the group will continue its activities under YG Entertainment. While two members have reportedly agreed to continue with the company for group activities, individual exclusive contracts for the remaining members are yet to be finalized. YG Entertainment has not officially confirmed these details, leaving fans eager for official announcements regarding BLACKPINK’s future endeavors.