BLACKPINK’s Lisa gets praised by music lovers for her voice in ‘Happiest Girl’

Credits: Instagram

While the BLACKPINK members are holding their heads high with the success of their latest album BORN PINK, one of them has been adding more feathers to her hat! Yes, we are talking about Lisa here. Talking about Lisa, she is a Thai artist, and her original name is Lalisa Manoban. She has inspired millions of fans around the world with her rapping, singing, and dancing. Did you know that she also made her solo debut in September 2021? Her album was titled Lalisa and sold 736,000 in South Korea, which is a record in itself. It also became the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours. That, again, is a record that Lisa made as a solo Korean artist.

BORN PINK and Lisa’s popularity

There is no denying that Lisa is the perfect balance between impact and popularity because every time the diva uploads a photo, makes a cover, or releases music, it goes viral on social media instantly. Just recently, BLACKPINK released their much-awaited album BORN PINK, and all the songs were successful, most of which also ranked in the top 25 of the Global Spotify charts. Among the tracks is Happiest Girl, a song that includes melodious chord progression and soulful piano performance. Now, it is Lisa’s soulful voice in the same song that has won her accolades and caught everyone’s attention.

Fans all over the world took to social media and sent heaps of praises to BLACKPINK’s Lisa for her performance in Happiest Girl.

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BLACKPINK’s album BORN PINK was released on September 16, 2022, along with its title track, Shut Down. Both the album and the title track have received a humongous response from music lovers. Earlier, it was revealed that the pre-orders for the K-pop girl group’s second regular album, BORN PINK, exceeded a whopping 2 million copies. Talking about the album, it had previously recorded 1.5 million orders within a week of the start of the pre-ordering schedule. It shows how much popularity the album heralded within a short time. After its release, it sold 1 million copies. It is the first time in the history of the K-pop girls group that their album sales exceeded 1 million copies on the first day, according to the Hanteo chart records.