BLACKPINK’s Lisa sets new YouTube record with 14 million likes on Two Solo MVs

crazy horse paris lisa

Lisa of BLACKPINK has once again made history with her solo music career, setting an impressive new YouTube record. She has become the first K-pop soloist to have two music videos, “Money” and “LALISA,” each amassing over 14 million likes on the platform. This remarkable achievement not only highlights Lisa’s incredible popularity but also solidifies her position as a record-breaking artist in the world of music.

Double Victory for Lisa’s Solo MVs

BLACKPINK’s Lisa continues to dazzle the world with her solo endeavors, and her latest triumph on YouTube is a testament to her extraordinary success. Both of her solo music videos, “Money” and “LALISA,” have now exceeded 14 million likes on the platform. “Money” has joined the ranks of her other solo hit, “LALISA,” which boasts an impressive 17 million likes. This remarkable feat sets Lisa apart in YouTube history and emphasizes her unmatched appeal to global audiences.

Lisa has surpassed several esteemed artists with this achievement, including renowned figures like PSY, SUGA from BTS, and her fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie. As the first and only K-pop soloist to have multiple music videos surpass the 14 million likes milestone on YouTube, Lisa’s influence and popularity in the music industry are more evident than ever. Fans eagerly anticipate her future music releases, expecting nothing less than her exceptional track record.


Lisa’s Recent Activities and Collaborations

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been making waves with her recent activities, from breaking YouTube records to delivering unforgettable performances. Her collaboration with Crazy Horse Paris, a famous cabaret known for its unique stage shows, was nothing short of extraordinary. Lisa’s three-day performance from September 28 to 30 was an instant hit, with fans quickly snatching up tickets despite strict privacy measures that prevented their interactions with the artist.

Although privacy restrictions kept netizens from witnessing Lisa’s performance, she later shared backstage moments on her Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse of her remarkable stage presence. The support from the rest of BLACKPINK—Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie, who attended the event to cheer on Lisa—further demonstrated the group’s strong bond and camaraderie.

Historic Achievement with Debut Album “LALISA”

Adding to Lisa’s list of recent achievements, her solo debut album, “LALISA,” which was released in September 2021, has reached a significant milestone. The album has achieved over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify, marking a historic achievement. “LALISA” stands as the first debut album by any K-pop artist to attain such a remarkable feat on the audio streaming platform, underlining Lisa’s unparalleled impact and influence in the industry.