BLACKPINK’s Lisa vibes with Jisoo’s sister during the BORN PINK concert

BLACKPINKs Lisa Vibes With Jisoos Sister During the BORN PINK Concert
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On September 17, 2023, the iconic K-pop girl group BLACKPINK concluded their highly-anticipated BORN PINK [FINALE] World Tour with a mesmerizing Day 2 concert in Seoul. While the event was graced by numerous celebrities, one guest who left a lasting impression was none other than Jisoo’s older sister, Kim Ji Yoon. Kim Ji Yoon has consistently shown unwavering support for her younger sister, both during her group activities with BLACKPINK and in Jisoo’s acting debut in “Snowdrop.”


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Kim Ji Yoon’s Instagram Posts

After the concert’s grand finale, Kim Ji Yoon took to Instagram to share her heartfelt support for Jisoo and the BLACKPINK members. In a surprise for fans, she posted two delightful photos—one alongside her sister Jisoo and another featuring Lisa of BLACKPINK. Fans were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected Lisa and Kim Ji Yoon pairing, and they couldn’t help but admire the visual perfection in the photos.

Captioning the Moments

In her Instagram post featuring Lisa, Kim Ji Yoon expressed her affection for the BLACKPINK member, calling her “cuddly Lisa.” She also took a moment to apologize to Jennie for not getting a picture together this time and expressed her admiration for Rosé, emphasizing how stunning all the members were. The post exuded warmth and camaraderie among the BLACKPINK family.

In the post with Jisoo, Kim Ji Yoon shared her immense pride and happiness at witnessing her sister’s solo performance in person for the first time. She showered Jisoo and the entire BLACKPINK group with love and praised them as the best. Her heartfelt words truly reflected her role as a supportive and loving big sister to the entire group.

Fan Reactions and Compliments

Fans were quick to react to Kim Ji Yoon’s Instagram posts, with many expressing their delight at the endearing connection between Lisa and the Kim sisters. Some fans playfully commented that Lisa was indeed part of Jisoo’s family, highlighting the sweet bond between them.

The fans’ comments were not limited to Lisa; they also showered Kim Ji Yoon with compliments, likening her and Lisa to the “IT girls” of South Korea. Kim Ji Yoon’s striking beauty and physique, which seems to run in the family, did not go unnoticed by fans. In fact, some even drew comparisons to the renowned actress Han Hyo Joo during her high school days, emphasizing her striking looks.

Under the post with Jisoo, fans couldn’t help but gush over the visual appeal of the two sisters. Their supportive messages conveyed not only their admiration for the Kim sisters’ beauty but also their deep affection for both Jisoo and her big sister.