BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s ‘Crazy Horse’ performance announcement sparks outrage; Here’s why

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is poised to make history as the first K-pop idol to take the stage at the iconic ‘Crazy Horse’ in Paris. This renowned venue has hosted illustrious artists such as Beyoncé, Frederick Wiseman, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese, and Aubade, contributing to its prestigious legacy.

Lisa’s decision to grace the stage of ‘Crazy Horse’ has generated immense excitement among fans globally, especially among French BLINKs. The prospect of witnessing Lisa’s extraordinary talent in such a legendary setting has ignited anticipation.

Controversy on Social Media Platforms

While the announcement was met with enthusiasm, it also triggered controversy on social media, particularly on Weibo. Chinese netizens expressed disappointment and disapproval of Lisa’s choice, leading to a wave of backlash. The aftermath of the announcement saw Chinese netizens expressing their discontent on Lisa’s official Instagram account. The comments section became a platform for criticism and negative sentiments towards the artist.

Weibo, a prominent Chinese social media platform, witnessed ‘Lisa’ and ‘Crazy Horse’ becoming trending keywords in the wake of the announcement. Millions of mentions and discussions emerged, reflecting the extent of the controversy. In response to the controversy, some of Lisa’s Chinese fansites made the decision to close, adding to the complex aftermath of the announcement.

Varied Reactions from Chinese Netizens

Chinese netizens expressed diverse opinions on the matter:

  • Some questioned the appropriateness of a top idol performing at a venue associated with strip clubs.
  • Concerns were raised about the potential impact on Lisa’s reputation.
  • Others debated the perception of strip clubs as symbols of women’s pride and freedom.
  • A segment of netizens applauded Lisa’s performance as art and a matter of perception.

Chinese Fanclub’s Support

Despite the backlash, Lisa received unwavering support from her biggest Chinese fanclub, emphasizing their dedication to supporting her upcoming schedules. Many fans speculated that the negative reactions could be attributed to a smear campaign initiated by paid trolls and antis.

Sold-Out Shows and High Popularity

Lisa’s solo performances at ‘Crazy Horse’ scheduled for September 28, 29, and 30 have already garnered immense popularity. Tickets for these shows, priced at 250 euros each, quickly sold out, underlining Lisa’s global appeal. While initial concerns surfaced regarding the nature of the venue, fans remain curious and excited about how Lisa’s performances will unfold.

There is anticipation that her shows may offer a unique and artistic interpretation distinct from traditional topless cabaret performances associated with ‘Crazy Horse.’ Fans eagerly await Lisa’s solo schedules, expecting an extraordinary and unforgettable experience showcasing her captivating stage presence.