BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Weibo account suspended after Crazy Horse performance

lisa crazy horse paris show

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, a renowned rapper and dancer, recently wowed the audience with her performances at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris from September 28 to 30. The Thai idol showcased her versatile talents during five remarkable shows, attracting various celebrities and VIPs to witness her incredible performance.

Backlash and Weibo Account Suspension

Despite her success in Paris, Lisa faced backlash from some Chinese fans due to her participation in the cabaret. On November 1, it was reported that her Weibo account, a prominent Chinese social media platform, was suspended. This suspension was attributed to reported violations of regulations, affecting her accessibility on the platform. Notably, Chinese celebrities who attended Lisa’s shows also became targets of this controversy.

Luxury Brands CELINE and BVLGARI Remove Lisa’s Photos

In the wake of Lisa’s Weibo account suspension, fans noticed the removal of Lisa’s photos from the official Chinese accounts of luxury brands CELINE and BVLGARI. Even the CEO of BVLGARI deleted a photo featuring himself with the idol. This development indicated that the controversy had affected her presence on social media platforms associated with these brands.

Concerns and Mixed Reactions

The incident sparked concerns among fans regarding Lisa’s future career prospects and brand deals, especially in the Chinese market. Reactions from fans were mixed, with some arguing that it’s a matter of Chinese culture and the right to defend it. Others, however, expressed support for the artist, highlighting that while Lisa may have lost some Chinese fans, she has gained recognition and reputation in France.

Lisa’s Enduring Influence

Despite the controversy, Lisa’s influence remains potent. Her Instagram following has surged to over 98 million, and it’s poised to reach the significant milestone of 100 million followers. Her global appeal and the support of prominent figures, including Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and Christian Louboutin, underscore her continued prominence in the entertainment and fashion industries.