BLACKPINK’s PINK VENOM makes a sensational win at the MTV VMAs 2023

Credit: Instagram

In a dazzling display of their artistry and dance prowess, K-pop sensation BLACKPINK clinched the coveted Best Choreography Award at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. The quartet’s dynamic choreography for their chart-topping hit “Pink Venom” left fans and industry insiders alike in awe, making this achievement a well-deserved triumph.

For BLACKPINK, securing the Best Choreography Award felt like déjà vu. Given their track record of delivering breathtaking and unforgettable dance routines, it was no surprise that they claimed the top spot in this category. “Pink Venom” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its infectious beats and captivating dance moves.

Dominating the Award Show

At the MTV Video Music Awards held on September 12 (ET) in the United States, BLACKPINK continued to prove their mettle. Not only did they grab the Best Choreography Award, but they also clinched the Group of the Year award, a testament to their undeniable impact on their dedicated fan base.

The choreography for “Pink Venom” was a collaborative effort by talented choreographers, including Kiel Tutin, Sienna Lalau, Lee Jung (YGX), and Taryn Cheng (YGX). Their meticulous work contributed to the song’s visual and kinetic appeal, elevating the overall performance.

Fans in Ecstasy

BLACKPINK’s double win sparked an outpouring of excitement and joy from fans across the globe. Social media platforms buzzed with celebrations and heartfelt congratulations for the group’s remarkable achievements.

A Legacy of Records

BLACKPINK’s success extends beyond their VMA wins. The group embarked on their BORN PINK WORLD TOUR in September last year, breaking records along the way. Their tour amassed over 200 million USD in ticket sales, solidifying their status as a global powerhouse. Additionally, they set a new record by surpassing 2 billion streams on Spotify for “The Album” and “BORN PINK,” becoming the fastest girl group to achieve this milestone.

The Encore Concert and Beyond

As a testament to their unwavering popularity, BLACKPINK is set to hold an encore concert of their world tour in Seoul on September 16 and 17, 2023, at the Gocheok Sky Dome. This highly anticipated event promises to be another spectacular moment in the group’s illustrious career, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what the future holds for these chart-topping queens of K-pop.