BLACKPINK’s pre-release track Pink Venom creates record on the UK singles chart

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After making an enormous comeback in August this year, the BLACKPINK members are now winning hearts with their track Pink Venom. The song has ranked in multiple charts over the weeks, and now, it has made history in yet another list. According to the UK official chart published on September 2, 2022, BLACKPINK’s second regular album, BORN PINK’s pre-release song Pink Venom was released on this week’s official singles chart Top 100. The track ranked at the 37th position on the same chart. However, it has gone down 15 places from 22 a week earlier but continues to rank on the chart.


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BLACKPINK on the UK chart

Talking about BLACKPINK, the group’s highest ranking on the chart is 17th, with the track Sour Candy in collaboration with international artist Lady Gaga in 2020. The BLACKPINK members have now made a record by entering a total number of 8 songs that include Pink Venom on the UK singles chart. For the unversed, it is known as the world’s top largest pop chart after the US Billboard chart.

Pink Venom at the Billboard

It was on August 29, 2022, that Billboard announced its weekly Global 200 charts and Global Exclusive US charts. The same revealed that the girl group’s track Pink Venom debuted at number one on both charts. For the unversed, BLACKPINK released the track on August 19, 2022, which was a pre-release single from the upcoming album BORN PINK.

The pre-release track’s records

Talking about Pink Venom, it has now become BLACKPINK’s first-ever song to have hit the number one rank on the Billboard Global 200 chart. The girl group’s previous track, Lovesick Girls, had also reached the number two rank on the chart earlier. Apart from that, Pink Venom has become the group’s second track to have ranked on the Global Exclusive US Chart, following their earlier track, Lovesick Girls. According to Luminate, the track Pink Venom is said to have drawn 212.1 million streams in the week of August 19-25. The track has further recorded 36000 download sales during the same period.

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