BLACKPINK’s Rosé loses to fellow member Jisoo in THIS game

BLACKPINK members YG Entertainment

During their visit to Paris for Paris Fashion Week on September 28, BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Rosé decided to indulge in a game of chess. Both K-pop stars made waves with their stylish outfits and stunning appearances at various events. Rosé later took to her social media to share a glimpse of their friendly chess match, posting a picture of the chessboard along with the caption, “Defeated by Jisoo.”

Jisoo’s Chess Revelation

Jisoo, on the other hand, reshared the same photo on her Instagram, revealing a surprising fact about her skills. In her caption, she boldly stated, “Since I was born, I’ve never lost in a Chess game. Chess game 1st game, 1st win.” This revelation took fans by surprise, especially considering it was her first-ever chess game. Fans praised her for her humor and quick wit, applauding her for her unbeatable record.

In another unexpected turn of events, Jisoo was spotted having dinner with Go Min Si, the star of “Youth of May.” This unusual interaction during Paris Fashion Week left fans pleasantly surprised. Both Jisoo and Go Min Si shared the same dining experience, and Jisoo acknowledged it on her Instagram by giving credit to Go Min Si in a restaurant photo they took together.

Supporting Lisa at Crazy Horse Show

Later in the same day, Jisoo and Rosé teamed up to support their fellow BLACKPINK member, Lisa, at the Crazy Horse show. They were seen together outside the venue, showing their solidarity. Rosé even joined in making the “LALISA” sign with fans to express their enthusiastic support for Lisa’s performance at the Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse.

Contract Renewal Talks

In other news, BLACKPINK members have been making headlines due to ongoing contract renewal negotiations with their agency, YG Entertainment. Speculation had arisen that some members might part ways with the management company. However, YG Entertainment clarified that negotiations for the contracts of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are still in progress, leaving fans eager to know the final outcomes of these discussions.