BLACKPINK’s Rosé to re-sign her contract with YG Entertainment?

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK tour recently came to an end on September 17, 2023, and so did the group’s contract. However, there are strong rumors and speculations in and around the K-pop industry regarding whether the group will renew their contract or not. As of now, the recent rumors suggest that BLACKPINK’s Rosé, the Australian member of the group, is inclined to remain with YG Entertainment. She is all set to renew her exclusive contract. Rosé, who made her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016 with the hit song “BOOMBAYAH,” has been an integral part of the group’s global success. These speculations come at a time when the future contractual arrangements of BLACKPINK’s members have been a subject of intense interest. YG Entertainment also issued a statement addressing the matter on September 21, 2023.

Contract Renewal Rumors

According to a Korean media outlet’s report, Rosé has purportedly chosen to extend her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. On the other hand, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa are rumored to be exploring opportunities with other agencies. The report further mentioned that negotiations are underway to allow the members to be promoted as a group for six months each year. As speculations continue to swirl, the BLINKs are growing increasingly anxious about the future of their beloved group.

Their last comeback was a year ago with the full album of the same name. Rosé also made her solo debut under the label with her album “R” in March 2021.

YG Entertainment’s Statement

The agency that has been long associated with BLACKPINK recently issued a statement on September 21, 2o23. It refuted claims that any decisions have been finalized. The company also clarified that negotiations are still in progress.

Earlier in the week, there were reports suggesting that Lisa might part ways with YG Entertainment, with offers from various international companies, including some from her native country, Thailand. Similar rumors circulated about potential investors for Jisoo, particularly due to her leading role in the K-drama “Snowdrop.”

Impact on YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK holds a significant position within YG Entertainment. As news of the members potentially not renewing their contracts began to circulate, the agency’s stock saw a 13% decline in the market. The decisions made in the ongoing negotiations between the artists and the company hold substantial importance for both parties. Whether BLACKPINK chooses to stay with its current agency or explore contracts with different companies, it is highly likely that it will continue to participate in group activities.