BLACKSWAN officially introduces new members SRIYA and GABI on social media

Credit: Instagram

BLACKSWAN has officially welcomed two of its new members on board, and we just can’t contain our excitement anymore! Yes, you heard it right. The girl group’s official social media handle has already introduced the new members to millions of fans around the world. It was on June 8, 2022, that the BLACKSWAN’s official account uploaded two posts while introducing the latest members who have recently joined the group – SRIYA who hails from India, and GABI who is from Brazil.

Check out the two new posts below.

About the auditions

BLACKSWAN’s agency DR Music Entertainment organized global auditions in 2021 to find the fifth member of the South Korean girl group. For the unversed, around 4000 people auditioned for the position out of which four finalists got selected. However, only two of them were flown to South Korea to officially start the training period. Wonder who the two finalists were? Of course, they are SRIYA (Shreya Lenka) from Orissa, India, and GABI (Gabriela Strassburger Dalcin) from Brazil.

The agency’s announcement

Earlier, it was speculated that only one member will join the girl group BLACKSWAN. However, it was confirmed by DR Music Entertainment later that both SRIYA and GABI will be joining the K-pop group. The agency further stated that both the ladies were selected as the members of the group after undergoing a global audition program that lasted for six months. So, BLACKSWAN will be an all-new group again with the two new members.


Talking about SRIYA, she has officially become India’s first-ever K-pop idol. Moreover, she along with GABI has also become the first generation member of the agency’s Cygnus project. The agency has stated that Cygnus refers to the constellation of the swan and it is a project to discover and train people to become stars.


The popular girl group BLACKSWAN debuted back in 2011 as RANIA. The group was later reformed to BP RANIA in the year 2016. It was only a little while later that the group was renamed BLACKSWAN. Currently, the group has six members – Judy, Fatou, Youngheun, Leia, SRIYA, and GABI.