BLINKS demand BLACKPINK music, question YG Entertainment regarding group’s comeback

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BLACKPINK is yet another K-pop group that has become a worldwide sensation in no time. Moreover, its four members often grab headlines because of their album releases, red carpet appearances, and for various other reasons. The BLINKs also make sure to keep a tab on whatever the girl group is doing regularly.

However, there has been a prolonged silence regarding the comeback of BLACKPINK ever since the group members renewed the contract with the agency, YG Entertainment. This has left most of the fans distraught as they seek answers regarding the comeback of their favorite group.

YG Entertainment’s recent announcements

It was only recently that YG Entertainment made a special announcement on May 20, 2024, featuring the company’s founder, Yang Hyun Suk. The latter personally revealed the plans of a grand comeback for the agency. Suk named two groups specifically – BABYMONSTER and TREASURE. However, there was not a single mention of BLACKPINK, which left the fans baffled.

Yang Hyun Suk announced that BABYMONSTER would be releasing a performance video for their recent B-side track “LIKE THAT”. For the unversed, it has been composed by Charlie Puth. He also mentioned the video is going to be released sometime within the month.

Apart from that, the rookie girl group is said to be preparing for the release of a full-length album. For the unversed, it is going to be released in and around October 2024. What was interesting here is that although Suk mentioned only October in the video, the English subtitles for the same translated his remark as “either September or October.”

Moreover, BABYMONSTER will also make a comeback with their pre-release single before the launch of their full-length album. This is going to happen in early July this year.

Meanwhile, Yang Hyun Suk also discussed the comeback of the boy group TREASURE. The group will be making a comeback with their new track, “KING KONG.” This fresh track is going to be released on May 28, 2024. He also stated that the group will also release their album this year, but refrained from revealing the release date.

What about BLACKPINK?

As mentioned earlier, the BLINKs were not happy with the ‘no news’ thing on BLACKPINK from YG Entertainment’s side. That is why many of them took to social media and asked about the group’s whereabouts. They even trended the hashtag “We Want Blackpink Music” when discussing about the group on various platforms, including X.

Everyone knows that the BLACKPINK members are already pursuing their solo endeavors which is why they renewed only their group contract with YG, instead of renewing their individual contracts. That is why many are questioning whether BLACKPINK intends to continue as a single group or if they will only focus on individual activities. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the tweets regarding the K-pop girl group’s absence below.