Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates
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When will Blood and Water Season 3 premiere on Netflix? Here is everything we know so far.  

The last time viewers tuned in to watch the final episode of the second season, it was clear that Fiks had received more information and Puleng had reconsidered her love life following a series of upheavals that led to the case taking a shocking turn during a pivotal party. After the events of the past, now the fans have to do is wait and see how Blood and Water Season 3 wants to showcase itself to their beloved fans as it returns to Netflix in a few days.

It is clear that the anticipation has become more exciting than ever! As a result, it’s easy to see why the forthcoming season has heightened the expectations and captivated the interest of fans who tuned in to watch the previous seasons and see what happens in the third season. Especially for you, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the official release date, plot, and cast, among others, before the premiere.

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Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Blood and Water Season 3 Release Date and Time Slot

The brand new season, which will be the third season of “Blood and Water,” has officially been confirmed to premiere this month on Friday, November 25, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. (PT) or 3:00 a.m. (ET), at the same premiere time as other shows on the streaming service. By the time of the third season announcement in April 2022, filming had already commenced in Cape Town.

In order to receive updates on when Blood and Water Season 3 premieres on Netflix, interested viewers can also enable notifications. The official Netflix SA Twitter handle also confirmed the news by sharing the date announcement for the series, quoting, “There is no escape from the truth. #BloodAndWater Season 3 premieres 25 November, only on Netflix.” Take a look at the official post below:

Blood and Water Season 3 Plot

The title of the third season is also called as, “Blood & Water: There Is No Escape From The Truth.” The Parkhurst team is back for another school year full of new tensions and dramas after an explosive second-season finale. Secrets and mysteries continue to envelop Puleng (Ama Qamata) and Fikile (Khosi Ngema), who, despite a slew of unanswered questions, are getting closer to the truth. 

According to Collider, the new season of Blood & Water will keep on chronicling the journey of Puleng and Fikile Bhele aka Fiks (Khosi Ngema), as the latter continues to grapple with the knowledge that the woman she called mother had purchased her from a child trafficking syndicate. Aside from that, Fiks has to deal with reconnecting with her birth mother while still searching for her abducted mother. Karabo ‘KB’ Molapo (Thabang Molaba) will also be having a tough time of his own, as his mother comes back into his life after being absent for years. Her return, however, is not out of a desire to see her son but to clean up the mess created by the outing of Fiks’ abducted mother, Nwabisa Bhele (Xolile Tshabalala).

Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Blood and Water Season 3 Cast and Crew

Blood & Water is a South African teen crime drama television series developed by Gambit Films for Netflix. The main cast members who will return for the new season are as follows: Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo, Khosi Ngema as Fikile Bhele, Thabang Molaba as Karabo “KB” Molapo, Dillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels, Greteli Fincham as Reece van Rensberg, Arno Greeff as Chris Ackerman. 

Along with Mekaila Mathys as Tahira Kahn, Natasha Thahane as Wendy Dlamini, Gail Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo, Sello Ka-Ncube as Matla Molapo, Sonia Mbele as Lisbeth Molapo, Leroy Siyaf as Sam Nkosana, Getmore Sithole as Julius Khumalo, Zikhona Sodlaka as Janet Nkosana, Patrick Mofokeng as Brian Bhele, Alzavia Abrahams as Zayd, Katishka Kiara as Pauline, and Odwa Gwanya as Siya Khumalo. 

Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Blood and Water Season 3 Episodes and Streaming Options

The upcoming series is expected to have a total of 6 to 7 episodes with an average runtime of 43 to 53 minutes, which will drop at once, so you can binge it instantly! On the other hand, the episode titles and synopsis of the series are not released by the network as of November 10, 2022. The network will publish those details when the episodes are due to air on the streaming service. So, we would advise fans to be patient while waiting for these updates, which will be issued in the coming days. 

All the seasons of Blood and Water, along with the upcoming season, will be available exclusively on Netflix, with all previous seasons also accessible on the streaming platform with a range of membership options. You may stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost with any of their services, depending on the package you choose. You may also play mobile games and stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost with any of their services.

Blood and Water Season 3: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and more updates

Blood and Water Season 3 Official Trailer

A complete trailer of 2:11 minutes for the new season was released on November 9, 2022, which gives a brief insight into the new episodes stating, “As another year begins at Parkhurst, Puleng and Fiks search for a lost loved one – but their perseverance could be putting them in grave danger.”

In addition to this, the tagline follows, “A dark new force has entered the lives of our Parkhurst faves and their lives will never be the same again. Friendships will be pushed, lovers tested and not everyone will make it out alive. #BloodAndWater season 3 premieres November 25, only on Netflix.” Take a look at the official trailer for the series below:

Blood & Water: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Blood and Water Season 2: A Quick Recap

The official synopsis of the series on Netflix states, “As the search for answers intensifies, Puleng encourages Fiks to consider a complex truth while navigating a close-knit community of allies and enemies.” For you, we have listed down the episode guide of the previous season to help you understand the plot and recall the events that will transpire into the new chapter.

Episode 1: New Kid Syndrome: A painful past meets an uncertain present as Fiks struggles with her identity. Meanwhile, a shocking request threatens to hamper Puleng’s progress.

Episode 2: Mayday: As Fiks grapples with a personal decision, Reece weighs the risk and reward of a new side hustle. Puleng plans a party with the help of a loyal friend.

Episode 3: The Source: Dealing with a setback, Puleng asks for a favor. KB receives big news and faces tough criticism. A school assignment sparks entrepreneurial interest.

Episode 4: Spiyoyo: Tension mounts between Puleng and Wade, a lavish tea party takes shape, Reece raises the stakes of her game, and Fiks encounters a sweet surprise.

Episode 5: Puleng vs. The World: Fiks and Puleng chase a new lead … and deal with the consequences. Reece agrees to a new responsibility, and KB prepares for a performance.

Episode 6: Dark Times: An outburst reshapes Puleng’s and Fikile’s next steps. Elsewhere, KB faces the music after a rogue decision, and Reece reaches her breaking point.

Episode 7: Family Matters: After a string of shake-ups, Fiks receives more news, Puleng reconsiders her love life, and the case takes a shocking turn during a pivotal party.

Blood & Water Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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