Blue Bloods Season 14: Will it be back in 2023-24?

Blue Bloods Season 14 is not coming to CBS in 2023
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There is a reason why Blue Bloods continues to be a part of the CBS coterie for 13 long seasons. And now we are looking forward to a 14th run. Renewed for the 14th season on March 29th, 2023, Blue Bloods had initially scared the viewers owing to the deteriorating financial conditions. However, thanks to the stars and the production who agreed to work with a 25% pay cut. No wonder why this American drama series helped CBS earn the title of the most-watched US TV network.

In terms of popularity and cult-like fanbase, Blue Bloods is equal to NCIS and FBI franchises with its riveting storylines, carried forward by some of the best actors on screen. Premiered in 2010, the 13-season-long drama features the TV legend Tom Selleck and is modeled around the fictional Reagan family, which is a Catholic, Irish-American family residing in New York.

Blue Bloods Season 14: Will it be the shortest season?

Ever since the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes took flight in the past few months, the production schedules of all the popular shows on this network have been postponed indefinitely. But now that the WGA strike has officially ended, as of Wednesday, September 27, it seems that there is some ray of hope.

Does that mean Blue Bloods season 14 will premiere in 2023?

Here’s what we know so far about the same.

When will Blue Bloods season 14 premiere on CBS?

Will Frank Reagan retire in Blue Bloods Season 14?
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Owing to the writers’ and actors’ strikes for the past few months, no progress has been achieved in terms of the production of the episodes. But now that the writers’ strike has officially ended, thanks to the successful negotiations between the concerned parties, it seems that the cameras will start rolling soon.

Per Deadline, the network executives mentioned that dramas will approximately take eight to 10 weeks before production begins. Although it might seem too long at the moment, we should be grateful that the writers are all set to write the scripts again after so long. This also means that the fans might get to watch the latest season of Blue Bloods by the fall of 2024.

Blue Bloods Season 14: Is it the final season or not?

If the productions happen swiftly, then you might be nearer to the 14th season than you think. Be that as it may, one should also consider the actors’ strike which is still ongoing. So, even though the scripts would be ready by the end of 10 weeks, the actors’ strike would also need to officially end before that. Nevertheless, it’s always good to celebrate the victory before we think about our next journey!

Per One Chicago Center, “Procedural dramas will be given top priority when production starts again.” Based on this statement, we presume that Blue Bloods season 14 will premiere in 2024.

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