Bresha Webb expecting a daughter: ‘I have a MINI-ME on the way’

Bresha Webb
Credit: Bresha Webb Instagram

The color is pink!

The Run the World star Bresha Webb conducted a gender reveal party over the weekend and revealed that she and husband Nick Jones Jr. have a baby daughter coming. Webb took to Instagram on Sunday and wrote, “It’s a girl!! 👶🏾💕,” alongside a photo of a pink romper embroidered with the words “Little Sister” and a cake cut open to reveal a pink filling in the center.

Bresha Webb Baby No 2
Credit: Bresha Webb Instagram

Additionally, the post also featured Webb’s 7-year-old daughter (from a previous relationship), McKenzie, frolicking around the yard excitedly, holding a pink smoke cannon in her hands.

A second post on Instagram contained further demonstrations of the incoming baby. One picture included the exact moment of cake cutting when the couple knew they were having a girl. Another shot showed the actress posing in front of a pink and blue balloon arrangement, with her hand cradling her baby bump. She captioned the second post, “I have a MINI-ME on the way!!! AHHHHH!!! 💕.”

Last month, Webb specifically opened up to People about her pregnancy and how she and her partner made the discovery. She revealed ecstatically, “Los Angeles had this terrible storm and everyone was in panic mode,” adding, “I just knew we were going to make cocktails and watch movies all day and I was like, ‘I have this feeling and I feel like I need to take a test.'” She continued, “We actually had the Clearblue digital pregnancy test and it came up pregnant and I was like, ‘Whoa. Wow,’ ” adding, “It’s a blessing. We’re so grateful.”

She further said of her husband’s reaction to the news, recalling, “He’s very sentimental. He was crying,” adding, “He was completely a ball of just emotions and super happy.” The couple also deduced a way to tell McKenzie about the pregnancy, who is also referred to by Webb as her ‘bonus daughter.’ She told the outlet, “We gave her a gift and I got her a crown and I got her a shirt that says, ‘I’m about to be a big sister,’ and she totally got it. She really wants to be a big sister.”

The actress also said that she would love to throw a wig gender reveal party. She elucidated on the theme she had in mind, “I want to celebrate and because I’m really goofy and I love to have fun and my friends do too, I want everyone to wear a wig of the color of whatever they think the baby’s gender is, blue or pink.”

At the time, Webb agreed that she would be satisfied with any gender and revealed that McKenzie was yearning for a baby sister. She said at the time, “I would love a girl because I know that’s what my daughter would love. So I would love to have her have a sister, but I just want healthy and happy and a really great delivery.”

The Marlon actress said she was trying to savor every moment of the “beautiful process” of pregnancy. She admitted that the experience of becoming a mom is bittersweet. She explains, “I think this is his gift to me as well,” adding, “I really feel like he(her father, who passed away a year earlier) wants me to realize that life is so beautiful in every place in creating life, giving life, and I think the baby’s going to be like a guardian angel.”