Brian Austin Green says raising gay son was ‘unknown territory’

'It's 'Unknown' Territory': Brian Austin Green opens up about raising gay son, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

In a world where diversity and acceptance are becoming increasingly important, Brian Austin Green, the renowned actor and father, fearlessly steps into the spotlight to share his personal journey of raising his gay son, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green. With grace and honesty, Green delves into the uncharted waters of parenting a child who identifies as LGBTQ+, shedding light on the challenges, triumphs, and profound love that have shaped their unique family dynamic, which has left the internet in awe of him as he gets candid about fatherhood.

We all know that in the vast realm of the internet, where stories come and go, it’s great to see that Green has candidly revealed his experiences as a father as he effortlessly weaved a tapestry of emotions that resonated deeply with his followers and millions of parents around the world!

While appearing on the latest episode of the Frosted Tips with Lance Bass podcast, American actor, 50, who is best known for his portrayal of David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, opened up about raising his eldest son. He stated, “I would get into these conservations with Kash where it was like I really wanted to understand the things that seemed so different to me at first,” said Green. “And then you realize, ‘Oh, this isn’t different at all.’ It’s just your choice of partner. It doesn’t affect me at all.”

“And that’s the thing I’m always trying to beat into people now — it does not affect you,” he continued. “Why do you care so much? And why are you trying to somehow bully your feelings and your opinion into something that literally does not affect you at all?”

Bass, 44, who rose to fame as the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC, came out as gay in a cover story for People magazine back in July 2006, is the host of the podcast. He praised the actor for being “open-minded,” adding that Kassius, 21, was lucky to have him as a parent, which is quite important for today’s generation. “He was so lucky to be able to be in your family because so many kids out there don’t get that,” explained Bass. “And even if their parents accept them, there’s a lot of times when the kid still knows that they still disagree with it.”

Green also added that the experience was one that was “fascinating” due to it being “unknown” territory. “I think a lot of people are afraid of the unknown, whereas I’m not. To me, it’s intriguing. And I want to learn about it,” he said.

In addition to sharing Kassius with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil, whom, back in 1999, Green started dating his Beverly Hills, 90210 castmate whom he met on set. The two became engaged in July 2001 and had a son born in 2002. They planned to wed that year but ended their relationship in 2003. Green is also father to Noah Shannon, 11, Bodhi Ransom, 9, and Journey River, 7, with ex Megan Fox. He welcomed his fifth child, Zane Walker, with his now-fiancée, Sharna Burgess, in June 2022.

For those who aren’t aware, Green has been dating Australian professional dancer Sharna Burgess since October 2020. They announced they were expecting their first child together on February 4, 2022. Their son was born on June 28, 2022. On September 22, 2023, the couple announced their engagement. Recently, in an Instagram tribute posted in honor of his birthday in July, Burgess, 38, discussed parenting with Green, as she captioned:

“You are the kind of father I could’ve only dreamed of (and I did) for my children. You are the kind of partner to me that I thought only existed in my journal writings. Life without you was pretty wonderful but life WITH you? It’s a dream. It’s MY dream and all that I asked and wished for that is now here and real and true. Life with you and our blended family is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and in all honesty it doesn’t feel like it’s our first time around. We’ve done this before, I knew that the day I met you. I just didn’t know how wonderful it could be before you and my happily ever after exists wherever you and the kids are.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum ended the heartfelt message with, “Happy Birthday to my person, my one, my best friend and baby daddy Your 50, fine AF and I love you more than I can describe. I hope I get the next 50 with you cos we’ve only just begun Thank you EVERYONE who came and were a part of the surprise and the party.” Take a look at the official post below: