Bridge and Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge and Tunnel Season 3
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What happened to Bridge and Tunnel after two seasons? Continue reading to learn more about Bridge and Tunnel Season 3.

Bridge and Tunnel is a 2021 American dramedy television series written, directed, and produced by Edward Burns for Epix. As the show’s second season concluded a month ago, viewers are wondering if this is the last time they will watch it or if Epix will renew it for additional seasons as the show has gained a popular and devoted fan base worldwide. 

On the other hand, the show holds 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 52% score on Metacritic, indicating mixed or average reviews, which makes it clear that the chances for the show to not renew further were possible. So, it is fair to ask about the franchise’s status. If you were looking forward to knowing more about the next chapter of Bridge & Tunnel, then you have reached the right place, as we have listed all the crucial and latest information about the current status of the show. 

Here is everything we know about Bridge and Tunnel Season 3’s status with the Epix network.

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Will there be a Season 3 of Bridge and Tunnel?

According to an exclusive report by Variety, Epix recently announced that the series would not be picked up for a third season as the half-hour dramedy series has been canceled at Epix after two short-lived seasons. It comes after Epix revealed plans to rebrand as MGM+ in the new year. 

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge and Tunnel Plot

The series was written, directed, and produced by Burns, who also stars. The series is set in the early 1980s; the half-hour show revolves around a group of recent college grads setting out to pursue their dreams in Manhattan while still clinging to the familiarity of their working-class Long Island hometown. Take a look at the official trailer of the first season below: 

Bridge and Tunnel Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Bridge and Tunnel Cast and Crew

If the show was picked up, the following are the main cast members who are anticipated to return for the next season: Sam Vartholomeos as Jimmy Farrell, Caitlin Stasey as Jill Shore, Gigi Zumbado as Tammy Ocampo, JanLuis Castellanos as Mikey Diaz, Brian Muller as Nick ‘Pags’ Pagnetti, Edward Burns as Artie Farrell, Isabella Farrell as Stacey Ross, Erica Hernandez as Genie Farrell and Barrett Wilbert Weed as Lizzie Pagnetti. 

In addition to Burns, the series is also executive produced by Aaron Lubin and Lori Keith Douglas. Bridge and Tunnel are produced by Epix Studios and are internationally distributed by MGM. Variety first spotted the news.

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge & Tunnel Episodes

To recall the events of the first and second seasons, we recommend that viewers revisit the previous episodes, which were released on a weekly basis, in order to grasp the series’ plot and conclusion. The episode schedule, as well as the titles, are listed below:

Bridge and Tunnel: Season 1 (2021)

S1E1: The Graduates – January 24, 2021: Much to the concern of his friends and parents, Jimmy falls back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend Jill on the night of his college graduation.

S1E2: Making up for Lost Time – January 31, 2021: Jill proposes a way she and Jimmy can get back together; Stacey and Mikey rekindle an old flame; Pags is stressed about her mother.

S1E3: A Perfect Couple – February 7, 2021: Jimmy finds inspiration in a different style of photography after breaking up with Jill; Artie dreads Jimmy’s departure for Alaska

S1E4: Just Friends – February 14, 2021: Jill and Jimmy chaperone Pags’ blind date; Mikey and Tammy’s plan for Stacey to be back in the city.

S1E5: Today Is Your Birthday – February 21, 2021: Jimmy stresses about finding Jill the perfect birthday gift; a development in Jill’s professional life may ruin her special day; Pags gets big news about his future; things come to a head with Mikey, Tammy, and Stacey.

S1E6: The Swan Song – February 28, 2021: Jimmy counts down the days before he leaves for Alaska; Jill proposes a romantic week away; Pags tries to salvage his relationship with Julianna while also pursuing a new business opportunity.

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge and Tunnel: Season 2 (2022)

S2E1: Back Together Again – July 10, 2022: Jimmy and Jill brace for an awkward reunion; Pags looks to Tammy to help his sister’s band find a drummer for their big concert; Stacey has issues with Jill’s new, married boyfriend.

S2E2: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – July 17, 2022: Stacy scores an audition for a Broadway show, only to be hit on by the director; after his parents demand he make life changes, Mikey decides to propose to Tammy; Artie’s plans of a father-son project may be in jeopardy with Jimmy’s work opportunity.

S2E3: She’s Gone – July 24, 2022: When Jimmy introduces his family to Maya, an unexpected development upends Jimmy’s future; Jill celebrates her birthday with Henry, who dazzles her with a night to remember; Stacey gives Luke a second chance.

S2E4: Dance the Night Away – July 31, 2022: Pags tries to convince Tammy to join Wildfire as record labels show interest; Mr. Ross attempts to make peace between Jill and Stacey; Maya gives Jimmy disappointing news, while sparks fly between him and Jill; Mikey jumps back into the dating game.

S2E5: Bloodshot Eyes – August 7, 2022: Jimmy has an encounter with Jill, who has a big interview with a prominent fashion designer; Pags’ jealous streak causes trouble when Julianna gets an opportunity to work with her ex; Genie auditions a new song she hopes to perform for Wildfire.

S2E6: The Promise Land Six – August 14, 2022: Jimmy and Jill are unsettled about the future, especially when Jill gets a new opportunity; there’s a major rift in the band, for which Tammy thinks she understands the real reason; Stacey has the biggest audition of her life.

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge and Tunnel Season 2: A Quick Recap

Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 opens in the summer of 1981, exactly one year after the events of the last season, and finds Jimmy, Jill, and the rest of the gang no longer tethered to the leafy confines of the suburbs. They’ve now got one foot in Manhattan, and it will be a magical summer in the big city full of sexiness, vibrancy, and excitement as they each fall in and out of love (with partners new and old) and take one step closer to making their dreams a reality.

Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Where to watch Bridge and Tunnel?

Bridge and Tunnel is accessible exclusively on Epix. You can also stream Bridge and Tunnel by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes. You may subscribe to the streaming platform as a stand-alone streaming subscription. So, it is time for you to renew your membership plans, stream the series, and explore another genre of TV series and movies from the massive catalog that the streaming service offers to its members.

Bridge & Tunnel Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Bridge and Tunnel Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of the series states, “College grads set out to pursue their dreams in 1980s Manhattan while still clinging to the familiarity of their working-class Long Island hometown.”

Bridge and Tunnel Season 3

Catch up on the previous seasons, and let us know in the comments how you feel about the cancelation of Bridge and Tunnel Season 3.