Britney Spears dances with kitchen knives in bizarre video; Sparks fear among fans

Britney Spears
Credits: Britney Spears/instagram

The internet has often expressed concern about Britney Spears’ well-being. However, the pop star has consistently reassured her fans, clarifying that she is safe and sound. In her latest Instagram post, the ‘Womanizer’ singer can be seen performing a dangerous dance routine involving huge kitchen knives. The bizarre video immediately raised widespread concern among netizens, who are deeply worried over Spears’ alleged deteriorating mental health.

“They are NOT real knives”

In the video shared on Monday night, September 25, the ’41-year-old singer twirled and spun around in a dizzying dance routine to an unknown song with two strikingly sharp kitchen knives. She sported a white swimsuit bottom and paired it with a polka dot crop top as she danced at the entrance of her California home.


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In her caption, Spears assured her fans with the words, “I started playing in the kitchen with knives today!!! Don’t worry they are NOT real knives !!! Halloween is soon !!!” It is important to note that Spears insisted that the knives were “not real,” only after the fans had expressed their fear and concern. Moreover, since the comment section on the video was disabled on Instagram, the video went viral on X, formerly Twitter, with fans sharing their take on it.

Is Britney Spears okay?

Fans expressed their concern about the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker’s latest Instagram shenanigans with many poking fun at it. Some netizens even blamed the termination of Spears’ conservatorship for her concerning online behavior.

Britney Spears dances with knives before slicing and dicing her dogs for stew. Do you think it came out good?” A user tweeted, referring to Spears’ three dogs backing away in the background of the video. Another tweet read, “Its Britney Spears dancing with knives and the dogs scattering for me.” A third comment read, “WHELP . . . just did my quarterly scroll down facebook and saw Britney Spears dancing with knives 5 seconds in. Backing away . . .”

Other users brushed off the fear revolving around the pop star’s mental health and showed support for her dance routine. “Why’s everyone mad at Britney Spears for dancing when she made a career out of dance routines with her performances? Is it the knives? Yeah I’m pretty sure she can handle them. Performers often handle dangerous items y’all never see a guy swallow a sword? Probably not even sharp,” a tweet read. Another tweet stated, “Britney Spears will always have my support w those dancing videos. And the one w the knives might be her best one yet.”

Spears dances to Beyonce

Not too long ago, the ‘Gimme More’ songstress was captured dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ in a video shared on Sunday, September 24. In the video, Spears rocked a neon pink swimsuit as she performed on a small platform with a hot pink pole set. The singer captioned the fun video with three pink manicure emojis.


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