Brooke Shields is embracing her age by refusing to get botox

Brooke Shields is embracing her age by refusing to get Botox
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In an industry that often prioritizes youth and perfection in order to maintain a flawless appearance, it’s rare that any known celebrity comes forward by being an open book about whether they have gone under the knife, have gotten any face injections, or whether they are staying away from any cosmetic procedures by being all natural. 

These topics usually get sidelined, but in the last few years, there has been a shift in this mindset, as many former actresses have taken the step to openly talk about their experience with the pressures of maintaining a certain level of beauty. Recently, the one and only Brooke Shields, who has been a beacon of authenticity and self-acceptance throughout her career, discussed her thoughts on aging after being named one of the 2023 Glamour Women of the Year. 

While gracing the cover of the magazine, the legendary 80s icon spoke up about her illustrious career while sharing her refreshing view on undergoing cosmetic procedures, along with her insights about modeling, acting, and how life has been since being a mom. The actress, 58, who has been known for her timeless beauty in the entertainment industry for decades, admitted that she was not a fan of getting injectables, explaining that her previous results had made her feel like a different person. 

“I am all for any of it if it truly is done for yourself, for the right reasons, and gives you a level of some kind of confidence that you need,” she said when asked about her thoughts on cosmetic procedures. 


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Shields didn’t shy away from acknowledging that many times she’s “seen it give women such confidence,” but on the contrary, she also feels like it’s easy to go down the slope of overdoing it. The Blue Lagoon star expressed, “I’m scared of not looking like myself; the times that I’ve had Botox, I end up with this Spock eye and I’m like, “I don’t look like myself.” She also added, “But I’ll get Fraxels and peels, and whatever the newest thing is, and I’ll try it. I just don’t want to not look like myself.”

While donning a gorgeous black Saint Laurent blazer in her cover shot, Brooke continued to add more perceptions about how beauty in older women is perceived by people in different cultures around the world. She told Glamour that older women are looked at in “some cultures” as “the wise women who decide who the chiefs are, who are revered.” She added that there’s more and more plastic surgery than ever “Because they’re chasing youth. I don’t want to chase youth. I want to chase now.”

When questioned about “What matters to you, how sexy you are, your value to the world,” Brooke simply replied, “People can’t handle it. You’re being put out to pasture, and it’s ironic, and it’s wrong and not fair. You look at the women who are over 40—their history, their vibrance, their intelligence, their responsibility, their adaptability. They’ve raised families; they’ve run companies; they’ve been in multiple different types of relationships; and they kept moving forward. We were the Amazons!”

On Glamour’s Instagram handle, once the cover was shared, many fans conveyed the same opinion as one user commented, “Couldn’t think of a better choice. She is what we (women) should all strive to be. Overcame so many obstacles, abused by so many….. and yet, she is the picture of grace from every angle. She carries herself gracefully, allowing herself to age gracefully. We grew up together and I’ve always been a fan. Glad she’s finally being recognized.”

Another commented, “Brilliant. You are a woman of the year every year, but especially this year.❤️❤️❤️ thank you for giving everybody, especially me, a whole lot to think about.”


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