BTS: 5 lesser-known facts about Jin

Credit: BigHit Entertainment

There is no doubt that BTS has become a global icon and that its popularity is rising every single day, not only in Korea but worldwide. The numerous records they have broken with their albums, songs, and music videos are a clear example of it. They broke a record for Twitter engagements, sold out several stadiums during their tours, and became the first band since the Beatles to have three albums debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

BTS’ devoted fan base is one factor in its success. Naturally, though, having a favorite doesn’t exclude you from avoiding the entire bunch. Let’s start by discussing how talented these people are. BTS never fails to impress fans with their singing, dancing, and rapping abilities. Their tunes swing between being enjoyable and catchy, motivational and lovely, badass and edgy, and all of the above. They truly offer music for all different types of listeners, ranging from rap, pop, and slower ballads.

All seven members of the band are incredibly talented and charming, but Kim Seok-Jin, also known as Jin, immediately stole our hearts the moment we got eyes on him. Jin is the vocalist of the band and is also the eldest member of the group. We’ve got some extremely interesting information about our favorite Jin, and here we are going to emphasize some lesser-known facts about him.

When Jin was first approached by a brand, he thought it was a scam

V 1A casting director from BigHit Entertainment approached Jin when he was coming back home from school. The director offered him a chance in the group. Jin had no prior musical training at the time and was a student. Jin didn’t believe that he was being approached by a brand SM entertainment, he thought its all a scam, and so he ran away.

Jin took acting classes

JinJin received a degree in acting and art from South Korea university in 2017. Soon after, he applied to Hanyang Cyner University’s graduate program. Also, during his high school days, he was inclined towards choosing journalism as his profession and helping deprived people by becoming a news reporter. He also wanted to become a farmer once.

Jin desires a wife who can cook good food

BTS Jin actorJin is a big-time foodie, and his band members have often mentioned his cooking skills. It is said that Jin cooks food for his boys when he is in that mood. He also once claimed that he can consume 600 grams of meat at a time and that he often consumes eight meals per day. Jin says that his ideal kind of wife would be the one who can cook a delicious meal for him.

Jin has a habit of blinking

Credit: Instagram

It is said that when Jin gets nervous, he starts blinking his eyes at a fast pace. Also, if he stares at someone for a long time, he starts winking.

Jin has golden ratio for his facial feature

Jin BTS NetworthThe exact proportion between his chin, hairline, and ears is ideal, which makes him one of the most globally handsome males worldwide. In a survey organized by the Czech doll manufacturer CzDollic in 2018, he was selected as the “world’s most gorgeous male face.” He triumphed against 18,000 rivals from 58 nations.