BTS: 5 lesser-known facts about Jungkook

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It’s not just because of Jungkook’s adorable appearance, his tattoo, or his toned abs that his social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and his songs, are so well-liked, but several other factors make this maknae so much liked by his fans around the globe. BTS’ star, Jungkook, has been rather candid about several aspects of his life. People are drawn to him because of his relatability and honesty, and it is completely understandable.

Over the years, Jungkook has revealed a lot of information, from cutely admitting about his parent’s love story to disclosing how he hates to be called “Oppa” a flirtatious term used in South Korea. Jungkook feels “baby” sounds better than Oppa. Here are 5 lesser-known facts about your favorite member Jungkook that will leave you awestruck.

Do you know that Jungkook is a brand king?

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  • Jungkook is a brand king; whatever he touches turns into a blockbuster. The incredible brand value of Jungkook is unmatched.
  • He acknowledged using a particular fabric softener in January 2019. The product immediately sold out after the revelation. Over 11% of a company’s stock worth increased in a single day.
  • Also, during a live stream, a wine, which Jungkook sipped, went out of stock soon after the broadcast.
  • Jungkook once recommended a book that instantly became a bestseller in many countries, including Japan and Korea.
  • Jungkook wore a designer costume in July 2019. Due to a surge in online orders, the Webstore server crashed, making it impossible for the business operating the store to fulfill orders on schedule. The shirt Jungkook wore on J-Hope’s Live was out of stock in both Korea and Japan in less than an hour.
  • Jungkook’s doll was the most popular among the individual dolls when BTS debuted the series of mini-dolls. In the domain of video games and collectibles, his goods rank no. 1 and no. 3 among BTS.

Jungkook’s weight is more than other BTS members

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It doesn’t mean our boy is overweight or needs a diet. It’s just he is more muscular than others despite the fact he is the youngest member of the group. Jungkook’s weight is said to be 70kgs.

Jungkook likes to buy crazy stuff

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Jungkook has odd but adorable purchasing tendencies. For instance, he purchases extra-long toothbrushes that might not fit in your mouth.

Jungkook didn’t graduate in time

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Jungkook was 1 year late in graduating as he had his upcoming debut, due to which he didn’t have time for studies. But he took his graduate degree at the age of 21 in the year 2017.

Jungkook is a big fan of these artists

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Globally, Jungkook is viewed as an icon by millions of fans. But do you know whom this star looks upon and has always been inspired by? Well, he prefers to listen to artists like Justine Bieber, Adam Levine, and Tori Kelly. Their music is always on his favorite daily list. His life revolves around music. Hence he sees these artists in the highest regard.