BTS all set to feature in two new programs as HYBE signs new deal with Disney

Credit: Instagram

While the BTS members are soaring high in success with their individual projects and the recently released anthology album PROOF, HYBE has more plans coming up for them. It was announced on July 12, 2022, that HYBE has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company APAC and signed a multi-year deal with the latter. Under the same, the label will be partnering with Disney to display Korean musicโ€™s creative intelligence and the entertainment industry as a whole on a global scale. HYBE will be producing five different programs that will be released on the streaming service Disney+ Hotstar.

BTS in Disney

Out of the five programs scheduled by HYBE, two will feature the BTS members. PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LOS ANGELES, which was held in LA last year, will also be made available through Disneyโ€™s popular streaming service. While it is supposed to be their first program, the second program is going to be a chronological documentary that will record the Septetโ€™s history of making its debut and making it to the top in present times. For the unversed, the documentary is titled BTS MONUMENTS: BEYOND THE STAR and will include their music and videos recorded over the past nine years. The docuseries will also show the BTS members and their daily lives, current thoughts, future plans, personal stories, etc. The docuseries will reportedly stream next year.

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The third program

You all may already have heard about the third program featuring BTSโ€™ V, Choi Woo Shik, Park Seo Joon, Peakboy, and Park Hyung Sik that is scheduled to premiere on July 22, 2022. The upcoming series will showcase the friendship between the celebrities mentioned above and will witness them enjoying a special trip as well.

BTSโ€™ solo vlogs

BTS took the Army by surprise a few days ago as the group announced the release of multiple solo vlogs. A different and unique version of the Bangtan Boys will be released via the seven different vlogs that will drop in succession in the next few weeks. Moreover, the fans are also going to see the daily lives of the BTS members as they engage in everyday activities. The activities will include driving, camping, fashion, museums, woodwork, etc.

Now, the group has also shared the schedule for the first BTS VLOG that will drop on July 9, 2022. However, did you know that it also happens to be BTS Army Day? For the unversed, it is the same day that the BTS members named their fans the Army, which stands for Adorable Representative MCs for Youth. So, seven such videos will be dropped every Sunday from this week, starting with the Driving Vlog at 7.07 pm KST.

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