BTS and BLACKPINK grab multiple nominations for People’s Choice Awards 2022


The K-pop idols have spread their magic again with multiple nominations for the People’s Choice Awards 2022. The top two groups that found themselves with various nominations for the awards are BTS and BLACKPINK. With this, all the South Korean artists have made their presence felt again.

BTS’ nominations

For the unversed, the complete list of nominees was posted on the official website of the awards on October 26, 2022. According to the same, the BTS members are nominated in the categories of the Music Video of the Year with the song Yet to Come from the anthology album Proof and for the Group of the Year. The group was also nominated for the Concert of the Year for their Permission to Dance concert that was held in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Septet won three categories at the award ceremony a year ago, including the Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Group of the Year.

Jungkook’s solo nominations

In addition to group nominations, Jungkook was also nominated in two other categories for his single Left and Right, in which he collaborated with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth. Interestingly, Jungkook competed with his own group BTS’ Yet to Come, in the Music Video of the Year category with Left and Right. His song was further nominated in the Collaboration Song category.

BLACKPINK’s nominations

Talking about the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, it has been nominated for two categories this year. Their pre-release song Pink Venom grabbed them the nomination for Group of the Year and the second regular album, BORN PINK, for which they competed with BTS in the Music Video of the Year category.

BTS’ military enlistment

Everyone is now aware that the BTS members will be serving their mandatory military service because the statement is official now. BIGHIT Music, the label associated with the band, has confirmed the same. After years of speculation and internal discussions among the South Korean government authorities, it is finally decided that the Septet members will serve their military terms. The eldest member of the group, Jin, is the first one to enlist in the service, as per the official announcement.

In the same statement, BIGHIT also stated that they would withdraw their request to delay the group’s eldest member, Jin’s enlistment until the end of the month and follow the administration’s enlistment procedures.