BTS Celebrate 10th Anniversary: Here’s how the group is gearing up for the moment

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BTS, the globally acclaimed K-pop group, has recently announced a momentous celebration for their 10th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, they will be releasing a highly anticipated digital single titled ‘Take Two’ on June 9. This release holds deep significance for both BTS and their dedicated fanbase, ARMY. Let’s delve into the details and understand the heartfelt messages embedded within the upcoming track.

‘Take Two’: A Melodic Expression of Appreciation

Produced by SUGA and with contributions from J-Hope and RM in the songwriting process, ‘Take Two’ serves as a medium for BTS to express their heartfelt emotions and stories to their fans. The song signifies the group’s desire to remain together in the future and their profound gratitude towards ARMY for their unwavering support and shared moments.

A Testament to the Special Bond with ARMY

‘Take Two’ reflects BTS’s sincere appreciation for the love and devotion shown by ARMY throughout the past ten years. The song is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the significant role ARMY has played in the success and growth of BTS.

Significance of ‘Take Two’ for ARMY

Despite the members’ current individual commitments, this anniversary holds sentimental value as it marks the first time the entire group won’t physically celebrate with their fans. The fact that BTS has diligently planned special content for ARMY during their hiatus demonstrates their unwavering dedication and desire to ensure that their fans feel cherished and connected.


As BTS commemorates their 10th anniversary, the release of ‘Take Two’ showcases the group’s musical artistry, heartfelt appreciation, and unwavering bond with their fans. This digital single serves as a testament to their journey, resilience, and the profound impact of ARMY on their success. Through this heartfelt release, BTS aims to convey their gratitude, love, and commitment to their loyal fanbase. As fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of ‘Take Two,’ it promises to be a significant and memorable milestone in the shared journey of BTS and ARMY.