BTS Army Notices Jungkook’s Mysterious Posters Everywhere; Know the SECRET Here

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
Credits: Instagram

BTS member Jungkook recently announced his solo debut single, titled ‘Seven,’ and fans were in for a surprise as promotional posters mysteriously started appearing in cities worldwide. With posters spotted in Bangkok, Chicago, Paris, Dallas, San Francisco, and more, anticipation among fans has reached new heights, speculating something big leading up to the release of the digital single on July 14.

Jungkook’s Mysterious Posters

Taking a unique approach to promoting Jungkook’s solo debut, BIGHIT MUSIC has strategically placed posters of ‘Seven’ in different cities across the globe. Fans were quick to notice these unexpected posters, with two distinct designs capturing their attention. One poster featured Jungkook in a black blazer, deliberately hiding his eyes while displaying his tattoos, creating a black-and-white monochrome aesthetic.

The second poster intrigued fans even more, as it depicted clothes positioned on a chair, giving the illusion of someone sitting there, despite no person being present. With the words ‘Seven’ prominently displayed at the top center and the phrase ‘days a week’ written on the white t-shirt, fans couldn’t help but speculate on the significance of ‘Seven days a week.’ This unique promotional strategy has amplified excitement among fans, who eagerly await what’s to come.

About Jungkook’s Solo Debut

Following SUGA’s solo release, Jungkook will be the next BTS member to drop his solo music, as hinted at the FESTA 2022 Dinner party. On June 30, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced Jungkook’s upcoming digital single, ‘Seven.’ In a live session on Weverse, Jungkook directly engaged with fans, discussing the release. As per the schedule shared by BTS’ agency, Jungkook’s popular solo songs, ‘STILL WITH YOU’ and ‘MY TIME,’ will finally be available on various music streaming platforms, marking their official release on July 3rd.

To build excitement leading up to the release of ‘Seven,’ fans can anticipate a series of content drops, including Behind The Scenes films, concept photos, film previews, and an MV teaser. With the official music video dropping on July 14, fans are eagerly clearing their schedules for the upcoming weeks. Additionally, a performance video is scheduled for release on July 25, further heightening the excitement surrounding Jungkook’s solo debut.