BTS Army raise money for families of Indonesia stadium tragedy

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Credits: Instagram

The BTS Army has taken swift action to raise money for victims of Indonesia’s football stadium tragedy. For the unversed, the campaign was started on Monday and closed the very next day. Reports state the campaign was able to raise almost US$30,000 for the families affected by what we call one of the world’s deadliest sporting stadium tragedies of all time.

The fundraising event

The fundraiser was coordinated via an Instagram website and the donations came from around 15000 people. The same was communicated via an Instagram account @btsarmy.project_lombok.

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The tragedy

The fundraiser event happened days after a tragic crowd disaster in Indonesia’s East Java Province. Around 131 people were killed and 200 injured in the incident that shook the entire world. According to the cops, at least 32 children who were aged between three to seventeen years, were among the fatalities.

The campaign’s description reportedly read, “As a form of empathy and solidarity between families of the same country, our one Indonesian nation, we would like to invite all members of Army in Indonesia and the entire community to help and send as many prayers as possible for the victims.”

It further added, “The money raised will be used as compensation for families of victims and as a means of financial support for those who may have lost “the backbone of their family.”

BTS’ military enlistment

According to a recent update on October 5, 2022, an official from the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced that a conclusion had been reached finally on the Septet’s mandatory military service by the end of this year, which is for December. A request was also made to review the issue, actively responding to which the minister spoke about BTS member Jin, the eldest one whose enlistment is due this year. So, Jin being the oldest member of the group, it has become extremely important to get a decision made currently. According to the latest reports, the Ministry is planning to take a call on the same as soon as possible.