BTS Breaks Michael Jackson and Beyonce’s Record in THIS Way

Credit: Instagram

A recent survey conducted by Upgraded Points has revealed that BTS boasts the most loyal fanbase in the world, surpassing renowned artists like Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Lady Gaga. The loyalty and dedication of the BTS ARMY were taken to new heights, as they showcased unparalleled love for the septet.

BTS ARMY: Reigning as the Most Loyal Fanbase

BTS secured the top spot in the survey, with fans scoring a remarkable 88.4 out of 100 points for loyalty. This impressive ranking reflects the unwavering support of the BTS ARMY. Furthermore, the survey highlighted that BTS fans are more willing to follow the group from city to city compared to other fandoms, with 62.5% of respondents indicating their readiness to do so, compared to a majority of 32.2% among other fan communities. The survey also unveiled the extraordinary extent to which ARMYs are willing to travel to witness BTS’s performances, with an average distance of 2040 miles (approximately 3284 kilometers).

BTS World Tours: Unprecedented Success and Global Impact

BTS has consistently sold out the largest stadiums worldwide during their highly successful LOVE YOURSELF: Speak Yourself tour, drawing more than 2 million fans from across the globe. The tour’s immense popularity led it to secure the third spot on Billboard’s 2019 Year End Top 40 Tours chart. Another noteworthy achievement was the sold-out Permission to Dance on Stage tour in 2022, which attracted over 4 million attendees.

Spectacular Fan Gatherings and Online Engagement

To celebrate their fans and promote BUSAN EXPO 2030, BTS held a free concert titled ‘BTS in BUSAN’ in Busan. Over 50,000 fans flocked to the event in person, while an astounding 49 million viewers enjoyed the show online. Additionally, the BTS FESTA 2023 in Yeouido, Seoul saw an estimated 400,000 attendees, with foreigners accounting for 28.5% (approximately 120,000) of the total participants. These numbers exemplify the massive global following and enduring enthusiasm of BTS fans.

BTS and the Unbreakable BTS ARMY

BTS’s immense success and global impact can be attributed to the unwavering loyalty and dedication of the BTS ARMY. From selling out stadiums to traveling vast distances to attend their concerts, the BTS fandom has set a remarkable standard for fan devotion. The overwhelming response from fans in surveys and the colossal attendance at various events demonstrates the unmatched connection between BTS and their passionate followers. As BTS continues to break records and captivate audiences worldwide, the power of the BTS ARMY remains an undeniable force driving their remarkable achievements.