BTS continues to dominate Star Brand Reputation rankings; NewJeans follows closely

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Break or no break, BTS seems to be ruling like no other! The boy band, which is currently making headlines for the popular solo ventures of its members, secured the top position on the July 2023 Star Brand Reputation Rankings. This particular ranking is based on the research of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute.

The K-pop group’s astounding achievement on the rankings displayed a remarkable increase of 8.97 percent in their Brand Reputation Index, soaring to an impressive 11,957,664 units compared to last month’s 10,973,349 units. The K-pop sensation’s immense popularity knows no bounds, with their global fanbase continuously supporting and elevating them to new heights. Still not believing it? Take a look here!

Lim Young Woong and NewJeans

Trot singer Lim Young Woong, known for his powerful vocals and captivating performances, maintained his strong hold on the second spot with a Brand Reputation Index of 8,555,158 units, marking an 11.80 percent increase. NewJeans, the sensational rising stars of the music scene, made a resounding impact, securing the third spot on the rankings. Their latest album, “Get Up,” took the world by storm, and their Brand Reputation Index surged dramatically by an astounding 149.75 percent, reaching 8,173,376 units.

Footballers Kim Min Jae and Lee Kang In’s Phenomenal Rise

The rankings were not just dominated by entertainers and music artists; sports personalities also shined brightly. Footballer Kim Min Jae witnessed a staggering surge of 176.97 percent in his Brand Reputation Index, garnering 6,355,368 units. Meanwhile, another football star, Lee Kang In, secured the fifth position with an impressive 5,877,580 index units.

A Stellar Gathering of Celebrities

The Star Brand Reputation Rankings featured a star-studded lineup of Korean celebrities in addition to the top-ranking BTS, Lim Young Woong, NewJeans, Kim Min Jae, and Lee Kang In. The list included illustrious names like BLACKPINK, PSY, EXO, IU, Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon and YoonA, TWICE, NCT, and many others. The diversity of talent showcased in the rankings underscores the rich and vibrant entertainment industry in South Korea.

A Shoutout to BTS

BTS’s unwavering dominance, coupled with the impressive array of renowned talent across various fields, reflects the profound impact Korean celebrities have on the global stage. With their dedicated fanbase and unmatched talent, these celebrities continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. As the Korean entertainment industry thrives, the Star Brand Reputation Rankings serve as a testament to the unwavering support and admiration these stars receive from fans and the public alike.