BTS dance trainer dismissed by HYBE over allegations of monetary fraud

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In a surprising turn of events, a BTS dance trainer known for choreographing dances for the globally acclaimed group has been dismissed from HYBE, the entertainment company managing BTS. The dismissal comes in the wake of accusations that the dance trainer committed monetary fraud amounting to over 32 crores INR.

Immediate Action by HYBE


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As soon as HYBE became aware of the allegations against the dance trainer and the substantial financial damage caused, the company swiftly initiated an impartial investigation through a law firm. HYBE’s official statement, reported by a South Korean news outlet, highlighted their commitment to addressing the issue promptly. The Disciplinary and Personnel Committee carried out the dismissal process, resulting in the termination of the contract with the accused dance trainer.

Violation of Internal Rules and Regulations

HYBE emphasized that the case involved serious misconduct, violating both the company’s internal rules and regulations as well as employment guidelines. The rules explicitly prohibit employees from exploiting internal information or positions for personal gain and engaging in illegal or unfair activities.

Charges of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Forgery

Reports from another media outlet shed light on the severity of the allegations against the dance trainer. The individual reportedly faced disciplinary action and dismissal in September on charges of fraud and embezzlement. The accusations include misappropriating funds from HYBE and extorting significant amounts from composers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, there are claims of forgery, including the improper use of the company’s name in financial transactions.

HYBE Files Criminal Complaint

In response to the allegations, HYBE took legal action by filing a criminal complaint against the dance trainer. The charges include fraud, reflecting the company’s commitment to pursuing justice and protecting its financial integrity.

Recent Developments at HYBE

Recent reports on November 17 suggested that all BTS members were selling HYBE shares, accompanied by the news of the company’s chairman, Bang Si Hyuk, putting a portion of his stocks up for sale. Subsequent clarification revealed that the members were not disposing of their shares, but rather the special contract with Bang Si Hyuk for the stocks had come to an end. This development adds another layer of complexity to HYBE’s recent news cycle.