BTS’ debut track “No More Dream” reigns on iTunes US Charts after a decade

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Credit: @bts_bighit Twitter

As BTS members embrace their individual military journeys, the group’s debut song, “No More Dream,” has triumphantly claimed the top spot on iTunes US Charts a decade after its initial release. This extraordinary accomplishment marks the track’s resurgence, solidifying its status as BTS’ 32nd song to achieve such acclaim.

A Resurgence in the Wake of Military Enlistment

“No More Dream” joins the ranks of BTS’ older tracks, such as “Spring Day” and “OUTRO: TEAR,” which experienced a resurgence, topping global charts amid the members’ military enlistment. This resurgence is not merely a testament to BTS’ enduring musical influence but also underscores the unparalleled dedication of their fanbase, ARMY.

ARMY’s Collective Power

The collective effort of ARMY has propelled iconic BTS tracks to the forefront once again, showcasing the enduring power of the group’s music and the unwavering support of their fans. Despite the temporary separation due to military enlistment, BTS’ music continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Amid the septet’s inactivity during military service, the resurgence of tracks like “No More Dream” reaffirms BTS’ enduring influence in the music industry. The deep connection between BTS and their fans remains unbroken, demonstrating that even in moments of separation, BTS’ music remains a source of inspiration and joy.

BTS (방탄소년단) 'No More Dream' Official MV

BTS’ Military Enlistment Journey

BTS surprised fans with their collective hiatus announcement during their FESTA dinner in June 2022. The decision to focus on individual ventures led all seven members to apply for the cancellation of their military service exemption. Commencing the military journey, Jin initiated service in December 2022, followed by J-Hope in April 2023 and SUGA in alternative public service in September 2023.

Recently, RM and V began their enlistment on December 11, 2023, with V set to join a specialized task force post-basic training. Jimin and Jungkook, maintaining camaraderie, enlisted together on December 12, 2023, guided by Jin. Despite their separation, the septet remains committed to fulfilling civic duties, aiming for a collective reunion by June 2025.