BTS: Did V make a cameo appearance in J-Hope’s MORE music video?

Credit: YouTube

BTS’ J-Hope recently dropped his lead single from the upcoming album Jack in the Box. For the unversed, the song is titled MORE and has already won the hearts of music lovers within a short time of its release. The song showcases his extremely raw and dark side – something that the fans haven’t seen before. It is a dark and emo rock inspiration that has an instrumental feel including the amazing head-banging chorus and lyrics which is nothing less than an artwork. The amazing song talks about J-Hope’s journey from nothing to a star including his love for music for which he is ready to do anything. Well, we can tell that although the MV is not that creepy, it may definitely make chills run down your spines.

Now, there is no denying that the Army has gone berserk over the amazing music and lyrics of the song. However, they seem to have found something more interesting when dissecting the video part by part.

Is that V aka Kim Taehyung?

The Army seems to have come across a person in the MORE video who, according to them, is none other than BTS’ V himself. We can see the camera panning in a scene where J-Hope enters a hospital kind of room and witnesses his alternate version getting scanned. Just before that scene, the camera shows a group of people in the room, and among them is a staff boy who, the army thinks, is Kim Taehyung! He is seen wearing a uniform and slippers while leaning on a desk. We can’t help but notice his fluffy hair too! So, the Army believes that it is, in fact, V himself in the video.

The same has led to an extensive discussion on Twitter. Check out the tweets below.

V’s upcoming projects

Like most BTS members, V is also busy with some of his upcoming individual projects. As per the latest reports, Kim Taehyung will next be seen in the spin-off version of In the Soop along with Peakboy, Choi Wooshik, Park Hyungsik, and Park Seojoon. The series is all set to drop on July 22, 2022, on the JTBC Network. Kim Taehyung also won hearts recently when he attended Celine’s fashion show with actor Park Bogum and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.