BTS: Here’s a list of the most asked weird questions about the boy band

BTS Been Asked the Most Weird Questions
Credits: Instagram, IndiaTV

No matter how exorbitant the fanbase of BTS is, also popularly known as the BTS ARMY, the world couldn’t get more of the septet. In the latest chapter of the boy band, it celebrated its ninth anniversary and released an album, Proof’. Be that as it may, the fans couldn’t be more dismayed by the recent news of BTS’s hiatus, which was recently declared during their BTS Festa Dinner 2022.

After this announcement, J-Hope released his first solo song, More, from his first solo album Jack in the Box, which will be released on July 15. Ever since the popularity of BTS reached its epitome, fans have not abstained from asking queries, no matter how strange, to their biases. Therefore, it would come as a wonder if the fans did not ask them ‘weird’ questions that gave a peek into their lives.

Have you wondered what kind of questions they will have to answer? If yes, then wonder no more. This article consists of some of the most randomly asked questions that netizens have often Googled regarding BTS.


Most asked weird questions about BTS:

  • Will there be a girl in BTS?
  • Are Jin and Namjoon dating?
  • Is BTS going on a hiatus?
  • Will there be an 8th member of BTS?
  • Is there a richest member of BTS?
  • How rich is BTS?
  • How is it possible that BTS can sing and dance simultaneously?
  • Is BTS going to be tired of ARMYs?
  • Is any of the members of BTS gay?
  • Does any of the members of BTS have plastic surgery?


Weird yet interesting, right? If you have wondered any of the questions above, continue reading this article. You’ll be enlightened.

So, first things first. BTS is not disbanding forever. They have decided to go on a hiatus since one of the members, Jin, has to fulfill his mandatory military service of two years, and other members will be focusing on their solo projects. There have been other nonsensical rumors that are stirring but don’t give them the time of day.

If you are wondering how rich is BTS, here’s a sneak peek of the net worth of the Boy band. Addressing the sexuality of the BTS boys, it’s baseless to assume anything since the boy band has refrained from talking about it.

No matter how many questions BTS has answered, there will be a plethora that will remain unanswered. As mentioned above, the fans just couldn’t get more of them. And rightly so, the Septet has taken the world by storm. So, to expect anything less from the band will be a disgrace.