BTS’ Hiatus: What’s the real reason?

BTS' Hiatus: What is the real reason?
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Ever since the surprising news of BTS members taking a break from the band to focus on their solo projects was announced, the BTS army was stunned and took the internet by storm. Ever since a plethora of rumors have risen and the army has given every rumor the time of the day. One such rumor was that the members of the band, Jin, Suga, RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope, struggled with internal strife. As a result, the band opted for a hiatus. However, that’s not the truth.

What is the real reason behind BTS’ break?


The reason why BTS decided to go on a reported hiatus is because of a member’s impending military enlistment which is an inevitable Korean law to be accomplished by every man. Hence, also important for their individual careers.

Yoon Sang-Hyun, the lawmaker who had initially suggested to the parliament a three-week training for the band, had said, “The members cited exhaustion and the need for rest as the main reason but the real reason was Jin’s military service.”

As published on Outlook in an earlier report, according to Lee Dong Yeun, a professor from the Korea National University of Arts, “Obviously, there is an imminent military enlistment, so they might have thought it would be good to do something individually before it’s too late, and that’s why I think military enlistment was the biggest factor.”


Why now all of a sudden?

In 2020, when BTS was at its epitome of fame and esteem, the government of South Korea amended the law concerning the two-year military service that needs to be fulfilled by every able-bodied South Korean inhabitant. The amendment mentioned that the concerned two-year military service should also be obligated by the top K-pop stars who have received accolades from the government and have added significance to the socio-cultural reputation of the nation before they turn 30. Hence, Jin, who is also the oldest member of the group.

Despite intermittent calls, even from the former minister of South Korea, requesting an exemption considering the extraordinary value that BTS already adds to the nation and its reputation, the revised law stands firm. Jin is thus assumed to be enlisting himself this year.

The exorbitant popularity and esteem of the boy band created a huge ripple effect in the world. Not only was its army shaken tremendously by the news, but the band’s company, HYBE, suffered from a 25% plummet in its stocks. From a White House visit to sold-out concerts of the band, these after-effects were no surprise. However, the future of BTS as a band is now posed as a conundrum.

With that said, some of the BTS members have already lined-up solo projects with themselves. Jungkook recently collaborated with Charlie Puth and released his new single called, Left and Right, and J-Hope released MORE from his Jack in the Box.