BTS hints at a comeback with WE ARE BULLETPROOF

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BTS is currently creating another shockwave across the US with its concerts in Las Vegas. As the Bangtan Boys are approaching the end of their tour, the Army is excited to know what else they have on their plates for the future. Well, it seems that the Septet has already hinted about the same in their latest concert and fans couldn’t be more excited about the same. So, what is this sudden surprise announcement? Let us dig further and embrace the joy as members of the Army!


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BTS recently headed to Sin City for their next part of the Permission to Dance: On Stage tour. What stood at the end of the four nights of the tour was contentment in the hands of all the members of the Bangtan Boys. They entertained the Army present at the concerts like no other!

Fans screamed as the BTS members bid them goodbye with a promise to return soon. Soon after, a video was released on the screen for all the screaming Army present there. It was nothing but an anecdote of the Septet’s past moments – from where they started to what they are now. It was then that the leader RM’s voice boomed on the speakers, followed by the words ‘WE ARE BULLETPROOF’ on the screen.

As soon as the words were displayed on the screen, the BTS official logo followed thereafter, and the screen broke into a date. This is the very date everyone has been waiting for – it is because it marks the comeback of our favorite BTS boys! So, the date for their comeback gets finally revealed, which is 22.06.10. So, the group will be pushing out its next release on June 10, 2022, and this has left us guessing that a new album is just around the corner.

The crowd’s reaction

The Army at the Allegiant Stadium went crazy, and a cacophony of screams was heard from the crowd that was filled with loads of excitement. If that wasn’t enough, BTS also confirmed their comeback through an announcement that an album is on the way to entertain the Army once and for more! So, it’s high time the Army keeps itself updated about the K-pop group’s upcoming release.

The earlier stints

It was just some time ago that the Septet entertained the global audience with its amazing performance at the Grammys. Dressed in James Bond-themed black suits and showcasing their alluring personalities, the Bangtan Boys stole the limelight like no other! Moreover, V’s flirtatious moment with Olivia Rodrigo during the Butter performance caught everyone’s attention there.