BTS is NOT going on hiatus; K-pop group’s agency clarifies its stance

Credit: BigHit Music, Instagram

The BTS members wrapped up their 9th-anniversary celebration on June 14, 2022, but not without surprising the army with multiple facts and news. The 2022 BTS FESTA ended with the Bangtan Boys sharing a video in which all of them opened up about the directions they will be embarking on, their solo activities, future plans, and more. At one point, Suga said something about going off-season, which the English subtitles read as going on a hiatus. It left everyone speculating if the BTS members were going on a hiatus

The truth revealed!

As soon as the video of the BTS members was out, multiple reports started circulating around stating that the South Korean band is going on a hiatus so that all the members could concentrate on their individual careers. The news also left multiple fans around the world shocked and saddened. However, the truth is finally revealed now, and the army can heave a sigh of relief as BigHit Music has clarified the boys’ stance.


The official statement

A statement has been shared reported from HYBE that reads, “BTS are not taking a hiatus. Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time.” HYBE has further clarified that all the members will still be working on projects as a group and individually as well. Another BigHit Music official said, “It’s not a declaration of a suspension of activity, but a notice of individual activities for Ch 2. It’s a different form of activity than before. Due to some misunderstandings, we’re preparing an official release to correct them soon.”
Check out the tweet shared by a BTS army below.

BTS’ recent live show


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Recently, all the BTS members performed a live show of their latest album, Proof. The most adorable surprise was musician Anderson .Paak’s entry and it made for the most cheerful moment in the live session. The group members performed on Yet To Come with a special guest who could be seen playing the drums!

In a recently released video by Bangtan TV, the BTS members also sang for Born Sinner and For Youth. For the unversed, the anthology album Proof was released on June 10, 2022, a few days before the band marked its 9th debut anniversary. There were also rumors earlier about the BTS members collaborating with international artists like Snoop Dogg and Charlie Puth. So, there is no way that they are taking hiatus anytime soon!