BTS: Is ‘Run BTS’ making its return?

BTS: Is 'Run BTS' Making its Return?
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In an interesting turn of events, the extraordinary Korean septet, BTS, was reportedly found shooting for an unknown project near the old building of BigHit Entertainment, which is now called HYBE, on the Gangnam streets. The ARMY found all the members donned casual outfits along with mics attached to the collars of their shirts in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul. Not only that, but the pedestrians and several onlookers could also see them be their frolicsome personalities which only makes one heartbreak since the group is going on a hiatus. Nevertheless, the onlookers could reportedly see them filming an unknown project, spiking the curiosity of the ARMY since the neighbourhood was the old area of the group.

What does this mean?

For the fans, it could only mean one thing. They are suspecting that Run BTS will soon make its return, and that’s why the septet was shooting in front of the old building of BigHit Entertainment. In the same shoot, one of the members of the group, Jin, is found clicking photos of his own which were later posted on his Instagram account, captioned as, ‘Please let me take a photo alone’ as other members of the group were found to be photobombing it.

In the same Instagram thread, Jin and other members of the septet are seen to be clicking hilarious photos, undoubtedly warming the hearts of the ARMY. Although the fans are excited about this undisclosed project, it is often accompanied by a bittersweet feeling whose source was the FESTA 2022 variety show where the group announced that they will be going on a break. Be that as it may, they also announced that they will be returning together, but that won’t happen until all the members have built their individual careers by focusing on their solo projects. Under such circumstances, it only makes sense that RUN BTS is making its entry back into the hearts of the people.


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Along with this undisclosed project, HYBE, the band’s record label has also signed a contract with The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific. The announcement entails a collaboration to distribute five big-time content titles. This deal also guarantees two exclusive series that will feature the septet on Disney+ Hotstar.

Other known BTS project includes BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage-LA, IN THE SOOP: Friendcation, which is a reality show that will feature V from BTS, Itaewon Class’ Seo-jun Park, Parasit starring Woo-shik Choi, Hyung-sik Park, and Peakboy. Not only that but there will also be an original documentary series of BTS, BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star, that will recount the band’s journey from the beginning to the present.