BTS’ J-Hope and Crush’s Rush Hour tops international iTunes charts

Rush Hour
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It’s been just a day since Crush and BTS’ J-Hope’s Rush Hour got released, and it has already become a craze everywhere! For the unversed, the new single was released on September 22, 2022. Now, the latest reports suggest that it topped the Bugs real-time chart and topped not only one but multiple major domestic music sites. Talking about the new song, it is showing off its prominence in the overseas charts that speak of its popularity outside Korea.


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The iTunes record

As of September 23, 2022, Rush Hour has topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 41 regions, including China, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, and Mexico. Apart from that, the track has also entered the top 10 in a total number of 68 regions – 2nd in the US, 3rd in Japan, and 4th in the UK, which means it has won the hearts of global listeners.

Rush Hour details

Talking about Rush Hour, the track is a fusion of Crush’s amazing vocals and J-Hope’s wonderful rap flow. We cannot help but appreciate the trendy dance bits that have a little influence from BTS’ popular Mic Drop, as was revealed in the earlier teasers. There is no denying that the track is an old-school diner with all the cars and dance crew and music in motion in the entire video.

In the video, we can see everyone, including Crush indulging in an exclusive ‘Crush Hour.’ The singer, along with BTS’ J-Hope, stands amid a huge crowd of people who are also seen showing some trendy dance moves.

Talking about BTS’ J-Hope, he is seen wearing a funky brown sweatshirt, loose blue cargo pants, and a pair of cool shades. On the other hand, Crush looked amazing in a multicolored full-sleeve t-shirt teamed up with a blue gingham print half sweater and matching pants. The duo is seen doing some really cool moves as they keep on singing the song between the clips.

Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV

Who is Crush?

Crush is a South Korean hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer who debuted on April 1, 2014, with the single titled Sometimes. He also released his album Crush on You on June 5, 2014. Most of his songs have peaked on top of the Gaon Digital Charts, which makes him one of the most popular K-pop artists in current times. He also has a huge fan following on social media handles, including YouTube (446k subscribers).

J-Hope’s ventures

J-Hope has been an inevitable member of BTS since the beginning and continues to do so even now. He is also known for his solo ventures like Jack in the Box, which was released a few weeks ago. The album was released on July 15, 2022, and peaked on the Billboard charts too. Talking about J-Hope, he had earlier topped the Billboard charts, too, which include topping the top 200 with Love Yourself: Tear in 2018 with the other BTS members, Love Yourself Answer, Map of the Soul: 7, and Map of the Soul: Persona, Proof, etc.