BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin update the fans on their travel plans on social media

BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin update the fans on their travel plans on social media
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In the latest news of BTS members, J-Hope and Jimin provided a sneak peek into their travels in the US by sharing a post on Instagram. In his post, J-Hope had a beautiful smile n his face as he wandered off the streets in Chicago and ate the food. In addition to that, he is also seen meeting KAWS, aka Brian Donnelly, an American artist and designer who was the creator of the enthralling artwork on the album Jack in the Box.

Brian Donnelly began his career in the 1990s by initially painting in 2D and later in 3D. He is largely known for his work in creating figurative characters and motifs along with reworking versions of the prevalent icons.


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While J-Hope is having the time of his life in Chicago meeting various artists from music and other industries, Jimin, on the other hand, is taking some time out of his life to be one with the ocean. He shared a video on social media where he is seen running around and enjoying life as it is.


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Not taking a moment to breathe for a second, J-hope can be seen coming back to South Korea and greeting his fans with a smile on his face and a customary bow. Jimin is yet to come back to South Korea.

Considering the slew of good news that is coming in South Korea’s septet’s way, going on a mini vacation seems reasonable. On 25th June, BTS had topped the charts for seven weeks in a row, including Billboard 200, which was topped by the band for the sixth time. Dynamite was ranked 94th in the Global 200, while Butter and My Universe were ranked 126th and 139th.

J-Hope was the first ever South Korean artist to headline the Lollapalooza event in the US. Millions and billions of fans worldwide were very excited to see Hobi performing his first ever solo album, Jack in the Box, on such a magnificent platform. Apart from the billions of fans who were present life and over 14.9 million fans online, the most important person who had attended the concert and departed from Seoul to be with Hyung was none other than Jimin. He took off on July 30 to be a part of the Lollapalooza festival at Grand Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

He could be seen grooving in a trance to his Hoseok hyung’s music.