BTS’ J-Hope begins military service: Updates and messages from Boot Camp

Credit: Instagram

BTS member J-Hope embarked on his mandatory military service on April 18, joining the 36th Homeland Defense Infantry Division of the ROK Army as an active duty soldier. Following in the footsteps of fellow BTS member Jin, J-Hope’s enlistment marked the second member of the globally renowned K-pop group to begin his military duties. Since then, regular updates and messages from J-Hope have been shared with fans, providing glimpses into his activities and training sessions as a soldier. Let’s delve into the recent updates from J-Hope’s military journey.

J-Hope’s First Update from Military

On May 24, J-Hope took to Weverse and his personal Instagram story to share an update with his fans. He posted photos of himself in his military uniform, smiling at the camera and saluting. In his message, he expressed his gratitude for the letters and support he has received, emphasizing how they have motivated him during his training. J-Hope reassured fans that he would continue working hard and showcase his best self during the remainder of his time in the military. He ended his post with a lighthearted comment about finding cell phones fascinating.

BTS’ Military Journey

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, was the first to enlist for active duty service in December 2022. Since then, he has been seen at his completion ceremony, and reports have highlighted his dedication and hard work as a recruit. Following Jin’s enlistment, J-Hope followed suit, updating fans from his boot camp to assure them of his well-being and progress.

BIGHIT MUSIC’s Notice to Fans

BIGHIT MUSIC, BTS’ management agency, recently shared a notice urging fans to refrain from sending physical gifts or letters to J-Hope’s military base. Instead, they requested fans to provide encouragement through emails using the hashtag ‘#Dear_j-hope_from_ARMY.’ This precautionary measure aimed to avoid any potential issues related to crowding. The agency also requested fans’ cooperation during J-Hope’s recruit training graduation ceremony, advising them not to visit the site in person. Instead, they encouraged fans to hold their heartfelt words of support and farewell in their hearts. BIGHIT MUSIC expressed gratitude for the continued love and support for J-Hope throughout his military service, and they extended the same request until his return.


As J-Hope continues his military service, fans eagerly anticipate updates and news from his journey. His recent updates on Weverse and Instagram provided a glimpse into his life as a soldier, showcasing his dedication and gratitude towards his fans. Alongside BTS member Jin, J-Hope’s enlistment represents a significant milestone for the group. As fans eagerly await their return, let us continue to support J-Hope and the rest of BTS with our heartfelt messages and unwavering love until they complete their military service and make a comeback.