BTS’ J-Hope creates a new record on Spotify with 10 million followers

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While the BTS fans are super happy about the group’s comeback with their anthology album Proof, one of the members has added yet another feather to his cap. Yes, we are talking about J-Hope aka Hobi here. The singer has created a whole new record on Spotify that has left the fans excited. Want to know what record he has made recently? Read on to know more!

J-Hope’s new record


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As per Spotify, J-Hope has recently recorded a total number of 10, 124,622 followers. So, our favorite Hobi has become the first-ever Korean singer to have surpassed 10 million followers. For the unversed, he had already reached 9 million followers back in February 2022 and gained one million more within just three months.

Korean artists on Spotify

As of now, around 1,165 Korean artists are registered on Spotify and J-Hope ranks fourth in terms of follower ranking after BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE. For the unversed, the singer has been at the top for three consecutive years and a month since he became the number one follower among Korean solo singers on April 8, 2019.

J-Hope on Spotify


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Eight solo songs of J-Hope are currently registered on his Spotify page. These songs are Daydream, Blue Side, Base Line, Always, Airplane, Hope World, P.O.P, and Chicken Noodle Soup. All these songs have been written and composed by J-Hope himself.

J-Hope’s birthday celebration

Hobi celebrated his 29th birthday on February 18, 2022. It was a tough time for the septet as some members were either ill or had undergone surgery during that time. However, BTS member Jin made sure to make J-Hope’s birthday extra special by sending lots of strawberries and gifts to the latter. J-Hope even shared the photos on Instagram while thanking Mr. Worldwide Handsome for his sweet gesture.

While all of us know that RM is the leader of BTS, how many of you are aware that J-Hope is the second leader? Every member of the army knows Hobi’s introduction – You are his hope, he is your hope, he is J-Hope! His band members consider him the glue of the band as they are dependent on him for all their smiles and cheers.

J-Hope’s latest post

J-Hope has recently shared an Instagram story that surprisingly features TXT’s latest hit track Good Boy Gone Bad which was released just some time back. Well, the army can’t stop but praise Hobi’s initiative as he chose to promote the music of another popular K-Pop band TXT. The BTS member also tagged TXT’s official Instagram handle while sharing a clipping of the music video on his handle. Music lovers who haven’t heard the song yet are sure to get intrigued after having a look at the Instagram story.