BTS’ J-Hope makes a surprise appearance at Crush’s concert

Rush Hour
Credit: Instagram

On December 25, 2022, Crush won the hearts of music lovers with his concert in Seoul. Later, the night couldn’t get any better because BTS’ J-Hope made a surprise appearance during the performance that made the crowd go crazy.

J-Hope’s amazing surprise

For the unversed, J-Hope and Crush who collaborated on the track ‘Rush Hour’ shocked the fans as the former made a special appearance at the killer concert. The two created a magical atmosphere as they performed their hit collaboration ‘Rush Hour.’ The crowd went wild in no time with excitement as J-Hope and Crush hyped them up with their vocals and playful moves on stage. After finishing their performance, the two artists demonstrated their close friendship once again with a warm hug.

Rush Hour

Talking about Rush Hour, the digital single is from Crush’s fourth mini album titled With Her. Talking about the much-awaited track, it dropped on September 22, 2022. There is no denying that it is a magic number that has a sense of creativity and brings the charm of not one but two versatile artists – BTS’ J-Hope and Crush. Talking about the song, it is an upbeat track with funky beats that channels a bit of top-notch artistry on the table.

Crush (크러쉬) - 'Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS)' MV

We also get hints of inspiration from BTS’ J-Hope’s official solo debut album, Jack in the Box, from the starting beats of the new track. It makes us wonder if the two creations were made in sync with each other.

The track is a fusion of Crush’s amazing vocals and J-Hope’s wonderful rap flow. We cannot help but appreciate the trendy dance bits that have a little influence from BTS’ popular Mic Drop, as was revealed in the earlier teasers. There is no denying that the track is an old-school diner with all the cars and dance crew and music in motion in the entire video.

Crush’s mini album

This year, Crush also released his fourth mini-album titled With Her. He had earlier dropped a surprise for his fans when he talked about his wishes to collaborate with BTS member J-Hope which he finally did. Here is what the singer said about his collaboration with the Septet member, “We’ve been talking a lot about music with each other for a long time. And while preparing for my new song, I realized that we shared similar goals and thoughts in terms of music. So I suggested him to join me.”