BTS’ J-Hope makes history at Lollapalooza with his performances

BTS’ J-Hope makes history at Lollapalooza with his ‘Chicken Needle Soup’ and more performances
Credits: NME

Several moments are written down in history, but only a few of them are remembered by people. J-Hope’s fiery performance at the Lollapalooza event in Chicago on Sunday was one of the most historical moments that will remain indelible for ages to come. Considering that J-Hope is the first South Korean musician to headline a music festival in America, it was an extremely special moment for the ARMY.

His performance kept the viewers buzzed, with Jimin left in a trance as he watched J-Hope on the stage. At the Lollapalooza event, J-Hope, also popularly known as Hobi, sang songs from his recently released album, Jack in the Box, including STOP, What If, Pandora’s Box, Equal Sign, MORE, Future, Arson, and Music Box.

However, speaking of his experience about going solo to Rolling Stone, he said, “I miss my members. But that’s also presented good challenges – physically, energetically, and mentally – after having worked the past 10 years in a group setting. It’s very challenging, but also very fun.’

In addition to the above-mentioned songs, he also sang other songs like Dynamite, Hangsang, Baseline, Cypher Pt1, Daydream, Hope World, Ego, Chicken Noodle Soup ft. Becky G and Just Dance. Although it was expected that J-Hope, aka Jung Hoseok, would surprise fans with his presence and performance, he was, in turn, left surprised by his fans and their love for him. In one instance in the concert, while Hobi was singing Daydream, the ARMYs joined in, and that was the most captured moment of the concert. You can check it out below:

J-Hope’s Daydream had also left Jimin in a trance as he grooved to the song on the sidelines. On Saturday, Jimin flew to Chicago to show his support for J-Hope’s debut Lollapalooza performance. He shared Instagram stories of his friend along with sharing photos of J-Cole. Apart from Jimin and uncountable fans who were present at the concert and had an opportunity to see him live, there were 14.9 million fans who watched him perform live online through Weverse. Among those 14.9 million fans was another member of septet who wanted to show his solidarity and support to Hobi, and that was Suga. He also shared an Instagram story and watched his performance online.

Upon seeing the concert, the fans also tweeted and shared some snippets of the concert on the app. Take a look at some of them here:

In addition to that, ARMY has also not abstained from trending the term ‘Hobipalooza’ on Twitter.