BTS’ J-Hope shares a funny video of Jimin shaving his head; Watch NOW

J-Hope pre-release party

The new year has arrived, and everyone around the world is busy with celebrations! Well, BTS member J-Hope seems to also have joined the bandwidth. It was recently that he surprised the ARMY with a playful video. For the unversed, it featured his fellow member Jimin. Here is what the latter said in the video, “How do you feel?” Well, here was J-Hope’s response, “How do you think? Ah, the hair went into my mouth!” This is followed by continuous laughter as both of them share a light-hearted moment.

A Deep Conversation


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The fans are elated to see that both J-Hope and Jimin continue their conversation further much to everyone’s excitement. The fun conversation between the duo continues as J-Hope states, “Alright, from here, let’s hand it over to the professional!”

What’s J-Hope Doing Now?

Jhope, like all the other BTS members, is currently fulfilling his military enlistment. His recent playful banter with Jimin highlights the love and fun shared between the two members of the Bangtan Boys even during the difficult journey of serving in the military. As the ARMY eagerly awaits Jhope’s return the anticipation around his musical comeback has increased after his post, as he shared how excited he is for 2024 to come.

Fan Reactions

Fans online have been adoring the connection between two of their favorite singers from the world-famous band. Many took to social media to comment on the video.

Here is what one of the users wrote on Twitter (Now X), “Omg so jimin is the one who shaved hobi’s hair.” On the other hand, another user said, “OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE MY JIMIN AND HOBI (sic).” Another fan got emotional while thinking about their military enlistment and wrote, “I’m missing them now.”

The Emotional Weverse Note

BTS member J-Hope also penned a long emotional note for fans. Taking to Weverse, the K-pop rapper revealed that before leaving for the military service, he ‘prepared a few little contents’ for the ARMY. He also said that he missed all his fans.

Here is what he reportedly wrote, “ARMY!! You’re doing well, right?? There’s not much left of 2023 either. Still, since it was a year that was special and I was grateful for in various ways, I came to give you guys a greeting in a simple way. It seems like this year I moved and did various activities by keeping enlistment in clear focus. I even went to award show(s) alone as I wanted to show you the parts I couldn’t show since then, even participated in big shows in Paris, even did a song collaboration with a person I respect a lot as present for you guys before I enlist to repay you all, even prepared a few little contents for you guys so you can feel my warmth while I’m doing my service.”