BTS’ J-Hope shares first set of concept photos for ‘Arson’ track from Jack in the Box

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BTS member J-Hope is on a success spree with his new album Jack in the Box. Those of you who have watched the official music video of MORE surely know what a bomb the music is! Now, the Septet member is all set to surprise the fans yet again. It is because he has dropped the first set of concept photos of his upcoming track titled Arson from the same album – Jack in the Box. For the unversed, it is the last track in the album and is among the two title tracks from the upcoming release alongside MORE. As for the latter, it was earlier released on July 1, 2022.

Now recently on July 10, 2022, at 7.30 pm IST, BigHit Music released a teaser photo for the album, Jack in the Box. The agency announced in the same post about the first round of concept photos that were dropped an hour later at 8.30 pm IST. The teaser photo sends the fans into a frenzy as it shows J-Hope in burnt clothes. Later, the concept photos show him dressed all in white while he poses in front of a burnt building.

Talking about J-Hope, he has shared the same photos on Instagram along with additional images. Apart from that, he shared a close-up shot of the teaser photo in which he looks directly at the camera and added a caption that reads, “I burned it all.”

Check out the pictures below.


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Apart from the concept photos, J-Hope shared yet another post with behind-the-scene shots and close-up shots of the burnt car.

Check out the post below.


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A few days ago, J-Hope shared the first-ever visual teaser for Jack in the Box on social media. At the same time, he also teased the new album’s theme which creates a kind of eerie and dark but thrilling atmosphere already. The teaser begins with a moving box with a black and white background and peculiar music playing along with the same. It will remind you of the vintage mysterious music box that gets loaded with a key.

Then our eyes get stuck on the hand lever that is seen moving on its own after which a doll comes out of the same. The strange doll has a smile on its black face and is depictive of the onset of emotions for this album. You can also see multiple drawings and emotive pictures in the box. The final thing that is left in the box is ‘Hope.’