BTS’ J-Hope teases his Lollapalooza’s performance in IU’s show

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While BTS member J-Hope won the hearts of the army with his recently released album Jack in the Box, the singer seems to have more surprises coming up. It was on July 28, 2022, that everyone got another surprise after a notification popped up on their screens about J-Hope’s appearance on actress and singer-songwriter IU’s show titled IU’s Palette. Talking about the new episode, it was titled J-Hope in the Palette and witnessed a never-before-seen combination of stars with 43 minutes of sheer entertainment displayed for the audience. Let us now highlight some of the favorite moments from the said episode!

Mint Chocolate

IU starts the special episode on a fun note and says, “Since this is our first conversation, I thought we’d start with some small talk and found things we have in common.” The audience was also surprised to know that both J-Hope and IU are admirers of mint chocolate! Apart from that, both the stars happen to be fans of the early 2000s band g.o.d.

Dance Lesson

At one point in the episode, J-Hope is seen teaching IU a signature dance step while the two of them performed ‘Pierrot Laughs at Us.’

The Lollapalooza confirmation

IU further talks about J-Hope’s upcoming Lollapalooza performance, and the BTS member was kind enough to respond to the same as he said, “I wanted to introduce my music to the crowds who were not interested in me, and receive their feedback.” When IU asks about the performance with, “So how many songs? For how long?” The singer and rapper also confirmed that his performance at the prestigious music festival is going to be for an hour, during which he will perform 16-17 songs!

J-Hope’s iconic performance

The audience was further excited by the end of the episode as the BTS member gave a groovy performance on Safety Zone.

So, are you excited to watch the full episode? Here it is!

[아이유의 팔레트🎨] j-hope In The Palette (With j-hope) Ep.14

J-Hope in Lollapalooza

The popular platform Weverse earlier released an official notice stating that BTS member J-Hope’s set will get broadcast in real-time via the platform’s PC or the APP on August 1, 2022, at 7.30 am IST. Talking about J-Hope acting as the event headliner, the organizers earlier said, “We’re thrilled to announce J-Hope of BTS will headline Lolla 2022 on Sun, July 31st! His performance will make history, cementing him as the first South Korean artist to headline a main stage at a major U.S. music festival.”

For the unversed, J-Hope is the first-ever Korean artist to headline the main stage of the much-loved US festival. The singer will reportedly perform at the festival on July 31, 2022.