BTS’ J-Hope wins hearts again with his silent deed for animal shelters

BTS J-Hope
Credit: Instagram

On August 2, a heartwarming story surfaced from South Korea, shedding light on BTS’ J-Hope’s years-long support for an animal shelter. This silent act of kindness captured the hearts of fans and the public alike, showcasing the caring side of the K-pop star.

Silent Support for the Animal Shelter

Before J-Hope’s intervention, the animal shelter was in a dire state, struggling with open roofs and broken infrastructure. Over the years, the BTS members had quietly contributed to the shelter, enabling them to undergo a complete transformation. With his donations, they were able to provide the dogs with blankets and sturdier materials, alleviating the burden on the elderly lady who ran the shelter. Remarkably, even during his military service, Hobi continued to support the shelter by sending dog food. His commitment to this cause touched the hearts of many.


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J-Hope’s Mother’s Role

In 2022, J-Hope’s mother discovered a blog post about the struggling animal shelter and reached out to them on behalf of her son. Her connection with the shelter’s owner paved the way for the BTS member’s ongoing support. Recently, the shelter owner sought permission to share J-Hope’s benevolent deeds with the public, a request J-Hope’s mother graciously granted. This revelation brought pride to Korean netizens, highlighting J-Hope’s humility in not seeking recognition for his actions until now.

J-Hope’s Recent Achievements

J-Hope has also achieved significant milestones in his career. On August 27, 2023, Billboard’s charts showed that his album “Jack in the Box” had risen to the sixth position on the ‘Board 200,’ dated September 2, 2023. The same happened following the release of the “Hope Version” on September 18, 2023. This album was initially released on July 15, 2022. It garnered praise for its innovative approach, including being available as a Weverse album, accessible through Korean and global music platforms. “Jack in the Box” has now achieved million-seller status, with total sales surpassing 1 million copies, including physical, Weverse, and Vinyl versions.

Despite his military service, J-Hope’s dedication to music remains unwavering. He invested significant effort into creating physical album versions for his fans to enjoy, emphasizing his commitment to providing a diverse musical experience. Like his previous albums, the Bangtan Boys member actively participated in composing and arranging the songs on this release.

Hobi’s heartwarming support for an animal shelter and his continued achievements in the music industry showcase the multifaceted talent and kindness of this beloved K-pop star. His acts of generosity and musical accomplishments continue to inspire fans worldwide.