BTS’ J-Hope wishes to reunite with the Army in 2024 in his heartfelt letter

J-Hope pre-release party

BTS J-Hope never falls behind when it comes to showing his love for the ARMY. No matter how busy he is, the Bangtan Boys member always makes some time to greet all his fans. That is why he made sure to cheer them up as the entire world celebrated New Year a day ago. The best part was that the rapper had penned a rather heartfelt note for all his fans. He expressed his sincere wishes for happiness in the touching message. Not only that but Hobi also teased about his much anticipated return in 2024. He further hinted at some potential surprises in the coming year.

What’s in the Letter?

J-Hope went on to express his sincere hopes for a year filled with happiness in the touching letter to ARMY. The anticipation is high as the BTS member also shared the exciting news for the upcoming year. This was backed by the promise of his discharge within this particular timeframe.

In this message, the member of the world’s most famous K-pop group not only conveys his well-wishes but also shares exciting news about his upcoming return in 2024. He further hints at some potential surprises in the coming year. The letter is filled with the rapper’s signature humor and sincerity. It definitely creates a sense of camaraderie with his fans who await his comeback eagerly.

J-Hope also emphasizes the importance of health amidst the anticipation and excitement for his much-awaited return.

Here is a glimpse of his heartfelt letter:

Recent Activities of BTS

2023 was filled with surprises and shocks for the ARMY as all the BTS members enlisted for the military as a mandate according to South Korean law. Jin was the first to embark on this journey, followed by J-Hope, Suga, and the others. However, all the members made sure to entertain their fans to the fullest ahead of embarking on their military enlistment process. This involved their individual ventures including Jungkook’s SEVEN and J-Hope’s Jack in the Box. Furthermore, BTS’ V also collaborated with American singer Umi for Wherever u r which was released on December 30. This holds special significance as it coincided with Kim Taehyung’s birthday. Meanwhile, the ARMY eagerly awaits the reunion of the K-pop group that is speculated to happen in the year 2025.