BTS’ J-Hope’s Arson and Jack in the Box tops iTunes charts

BTS' J-Hope's Arson and Jack in the Box tops iTunes list
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In the latest chapter of BTS’ solo projects that the ARMY had been deeply anticipating for a while, J-Hope’s Arson and Jack in the Box topped the iTunes chart. Jack in the Box and the music video of Arson were released on July 15, 2022. Before this, the single MORE was released along with its music video.

The album Jack in the Box contains ten songs in total, namely, Intro, Pandora’s Box, Music Box: Reflection, MORE STOP, What if…  =(equal sign), Safety zone, Arson, and Future.

Within hours of its release at 9:30 am IST, Jack in the Box topped the iTunes chart around the world. By 3:30 am IST on July 16, the album was in the first position on iTunes Top Albums charts in at least 50 countries. Adding on to the excitement of the ARMY, Arson has also topped iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 62 different regions.

This success is not new for the Arson singer, however. J-Hope’s MORE just took 18 hours to secure the top position in at least 84 countries when it was released on July 1.

Not only that, but J-Hope has also gifted his fans with the tour of his music video set of Arson. In the video, J-Hope gives insight into the theme of the song as he mentions, “Since I was young, I have been working with sparks of passion. And I thought these sparks are the right material for it. That’s why I chose fire.’ The BTS member also adds, ‘While you’re listening to my album, I hope you see this new side of J-Hope and enjoy it.”


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With the release of Jack in the Box, J-Hope becomes the first person to release a solo album after the official announcement of the BTS to go on a break. In disassociation of his name and personality that is often portrayed as brightest and most sunny among the septet, J-Hope, in his album, has decided to showcase different sides of his personality, including the darker and more passionate ones.

With the pre-release of MORE on July 1 and songs like Arson, the ARMY accepted the new side of J-Hope’s personality, including his fiery nature. Be that as it may, it’s not just the ARMY who is going all gaga with this new release; several artists have also praised it immensely.

Apart from this, J-Hope will also be headlining the Lolapalooza music festival, which is scheduled for July 31. In this event, the rapper is also expected to perform some songs from his album.