BTS’ J-Hope’s heartfelt letter for the Army is sure to win hearts

BTS J-Hope
Credit: Instagram

BTS member J-Hope recently wrote a heartfelt letter to celebrate the birthday of BTS ARMY, the devoted fanbase of the group. The letter, posted by BIGHIT MUSIC, expresses J-Hope’s emotions and gratitude towards the fans on this special occasion. J-Hope’s genuine and expressive nature has endeared him to fans, making his letter highly anticipated and cherished.

J-Hope’s Letter to BTS ARMY

In the letter, J-Hope addresses the fans with warmth and affection, referring to himself as “Hobi.” He starts by wishing ARMY a happy birthday and expressing his sadness at the thought of missing this significant day. He even playfully reminds them to have their meals, showcasing his caring nature. J-Hope admits that on this day, he misses the fans more than ever, recognizing their importance in his life. He shares that his appreciation and attachment to the fans have grown stronger over time. He acknowledges the journey of personal growth and maturity he has experienced, which includes occasional feelings of pain. However, he emphasizes that the fans, who are at the center of it all, make this day special, and he wants to convey his heartfelt gratitude to them. J-Hope ends the letter by assuring the fans that his love for them remains unwavering.

Fans’ Reaction to J-Hope’s Letter

BTS fans, known as ARMY, deeply appreciate J-Hope’s unwavering support and love for them. J-Hope is renowned for his expressive and enthusiastic nature, and his dedication to celebrating important milestones with the fans never goes unnoticed. When J-Hope enlisted for military service, fans expressed concerns that his activity might be limited. However, BIGHIT MUSIC surprised fans by sharing J-Hope’s heartfelt letter on BTS ARMY’s birthday, bringing both joy and tears to the fans. They cherished every detail of the post, particularly noting the hashtags used by J-Hope to title his letter, which conveyed his personal touch. Fans fondly refer to J-Hope as their “sunshine,” and his presence and heartfelt words on this special day were deeply missed and appreciated.


J-Hope’s handwritten letter to BTS ARMY on their birthday exemplifies his genuine and heartfelt connection with the fans. His words reflect his gratitude, love, and longing for the fans, who play a vital role in his life. Fans reacted with overwhelming appreciation and affection, cherishing J-Hope’s expressive nature and his unwavering support. As BTS continues to make strides in their careers, J-Hope’s dedication to connecting with the fans remains a cherished aspect of the group’s bond with ARMY.